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“One of the advantages of Evisort’s technology is that it’s so intuitive, the mindset shift happens painlessly and exponentially faster. Once you taste this AI contract search capability, you become addicted—and you start to identify use cases all over the place.”

Connie Brenton
VP Law, Technology, and Operations

"Evisort is a tranformative contract management solution. We have used Evisort to manage our legal review queue instead of emails (which we all know to be a void). The audit trail of reviews is excellent! We don't need to ask who has reviewed each contract because, with Evisort, there's a trail of acceptance. The tool is user-friendly and intuitive. Our team has been able to transition to Evisort as our contract management solution seamlessly."

Stephanie S.
Director of Sales Operations

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“You can’t find a customizable contract management solution like Evisort. We have 20-year-old processes set in stone and Evisort was able to create a system that worked for us.”

Christina Sinidoni
General Counsel at Travelzoo

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“The platform's upfront value is second to none. The speed and accuracy with which it uploads thousands of documents save us a lot of time. We can upload and fully index 8000 documents within hours”

Joshua Klein
Director of Information Technology