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Evisort's AI helps us find and visualize key contract information quickly. Evisort is easy to train yet powerful enough to automate manual, time-consuming projects.

Director of Legal Operations
Global Streaming and Production Company

Increase efficiency and reduce manual work

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Control access to connected contract data and processes

Connect single sign-on authentication to ensure security and appropriately provision access to connected contract data. Create legal-approved contract templates, monitor review status in-platform, and increase accountability across teams.

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Centralize reporting and AI data visualization

Streamline reporting and analytics across the business for actionable insights into resource allotment. Gain visibility into compliance and mitigate risk by managing obligations in one searchable, AI-powered platform.

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Automate workflows and customize notifications

Configure workflows and live, AI-powered dashboards unique to your organization. Automate actionable notifications to stakeholders across the business to proactively optimize cost management.

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Increase control of documents across the organization

Easily manage versions, view side-by-side versions, and identify changes while tying comments directly to the contract. Collaborate across teams while reducing risk associated with manual data entry or version control.

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Resources for operations teams

Connected Contract Data

Connected Contract Data

Evisort Platform

Evisort Platform

Ardent Partners Webinar: Vendor Management: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
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Vendor Management

Ardent Partners Webinar: Vendor Management: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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