Connect & Integrate

Ingest contracts from existing systems with pre-built connectors that sync contract data

Harmonize business systems with connected contract data through Evisort's API

Integrate single sign-on authentication to securely provision access

Draft & Negotiate

Streamline and scale contract drafting and reviewing with dynamic contract templates

Automate workflow processes and approvals with key stakeholders

Collaborate across teams and reference approved language to execute contracts faster

Self-serve contract requests with dynamic templates

Scale contract generation with integrated intake forms that pre-populate contract templates and accelerate stakeholder review.

Intelligent generation, negotiation, and approval

Build workflows with AI-generated redlines based on preferred language to streamline review, collaboration, and approvals.

Advanced analytics and process performance metrics

Visualize productivity metrics for workflows to report on progress,  identify bottlenecks, and optimize contract lifecycle management.


Transform every contract into searchable data with AI trained on 1B+ contract data points

Track and find critical clauses across all contracts, including third-party paper

Easily guide Evisort’s AI to find custom clauses unique to your business or industry

Intuitive search to quickly locate contract information

Find documents and data throughout your contract portfolio with an AI-powered search engine that helps you get answers–fast.

OCR and AI that works with every type of document

Make every contract–even scans of paper printouts–searchable with optical character recognition and foreign language recognition

Customizable AI for clauses unique to your business

Guide Evisort to recognize terms and language particular to your industry or business without writing a single line of code.


Proactively track key deadlines, obligations, and rights to deliver better business outcomes

Elevate executive visibility and report on connected contract data to inform decisions

View contract statuses, cycle times, and termination clauses, and more with just a click

Real-time dashboards that display actionable insights

Stay up to date with contract data. Evisort automatically updates intelligent dashboards with core data from every contract.

Shareable reports for your key stakeholders

Minimize manual work with executive-ready reports that you can share with business stakeholders to drive decision-making.

Automated alerts to show you what's on the horizon

Stay ahead of every deadline and customize alerts so the right people have the time they need to take action.

Manage &

Automate data extraction and connect contract data across the organization

Manage executed contracts in a secure, searchable repository

Get the right document to the right person at the right time with intuitive contract workflows

Configurable contract workflow automation

Strengthen business operations with end-to-end workflows tailored to your organization’s ideal contracting process.

Connected contract data across the organization

Synchronize contract data and execution with enterprise-wide systems to reduce risk and accelerate decision making.

Expedited implementation times to accelerate ROI

Hit the ground running with AI-powered contract ingestion and deliver maximum impact for your organization.


Connect contract data across systems, stakeholders, suppliers, and customers

Simplify communication across teams to review contracts and collaborate on redlines

Take contracts from first draft through execution with a documented audit trail

Integrated contract lifecycle management

Get the tools you need to prepare airtight agreements, from creating your best first draft to gathering signatures.

Automatic version control and contract redlining

Make sure that your team and your counterparties are on the same page during every phase of contract negotiation.

Shareable everything–from comments to searches

Pick up where you left off with saved searches, then pass them along to your colleagues with comments on next steps.

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