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How do enterprises achieve ROI with Evisort?

Time saving

Yearly savings in outsourced legal fees

Contract review

Faster contract search & review times vs status quo

Contract transactiontime

Reduction in contract transaction time

Contract management

Tracking and alerts for contract expirations and renewals

Contract requests

Reduction in workload for contract requests

30 day implementation time
30 days

Implementation time or less

What’s in Evisort's Contract Intelligence Platform?

Contract Repository & Integrations

Contract Lifecycle Management
Simplify contract administration and streamline workflows so teams can focus on strategic work, collaborate, and close deals faster.

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Contract Analytics
Contract Analytics

Contract Analytics
Protect profitability, mitigate risk, and increase business agility by visualizing key metrics and contract data to answer any questions.

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Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Repository & Integrations
Drive user adoption by integrating with your existing systems and accessing all contracts and data from one secure location.

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Drive end-to-end contract lifecycle management

Scale resources and collaborate across teams and counter-parties with contract automation
Build templates with intuitive, no-code tools, integrate e-signatures to digitally sign a contract, and optimize self-service workflow from intake, contract creation, review, negotiation, execution, amendment, and renewal or expiration.

Accelerate business and mitigate risk with transparent approval processes
Enforce compliance and templates, start engagements with your best-first-draft, and notify teams with email reminders to take action, increasing accountability and deal velocity.

Contract Lifecycle Management
Evisort Contract Management Software

Datatize™ your contract information

Turn all your contracts into searchable data instantly
Use advanced contract analytics with an intuitive user interface to find vital provisions and metadata, visualize and report on critical contract data in real time.

Be prepared and never surprised
Automate alerts and trigger notifications based on key dates, contract milestones, and conditions — including expiration dates and auto-renewal terms.

Contract Analytics
Evisort Contract Management Software

Ensure a single source of truth for all your contracts

Implement quickly, no migration required
Centralize your contracts in a repository that syncs with your existing systems, improves security with access controls, and monitors versioning and activity.

Drive adoption with ease of use
Keep existing file and folder structures, assign and manage access, and configure no-code integrations that work with your existing tools and processes without IT involvement.

Contract Repository & Integrations
Evisort Contract Management Software

Empower the enterprise with Evisort’s proprietary AI

Use actual AI, not a rule based system
Leverage Evisort’s out-of-the-box AI to read over 230 contract types, including blurry scans, PDFs and third-party paper, and extract over 50 clauses and metadata.

Teach Evisort’s AI to work for you
Tag examples in contracts to train the AI to identify similar clauses and provisions across your contract repository.

Artificial Intelligence
Trained on
10M+ Documents
1B+ Data Points