Accelerate Getting Your Team’s Contracts to Work for the Business

Evisort increases productivity, visibility, and compliance into 100% of your contracts. You’ll get the broadest, most in-depth insights across all of your contracts while also mitigating risk and ensuring compliance. You simply cannot get this using manual methods.

“You can’t find a customizable contract management solution like Evisort. We have 20-year-old processes set in stone and Evisort was able to create a system that worked for us.”

Christina Sindoni Ciocca
General Counsel at TravelZoo

Benefits for Legal Teams

Self-Service Contract Creation and Automatic Workflows

Evisort contract creation and collaboration tools speed time to signature, getting your new contracts to work for you fast. Reduce the need for extensive legal review during contract creation, negotiation, and review with templates built on your approved terms and conditions. Create automatic approval workflows with built-in collaboration tools, manage document versions, tie comments directly to the contract, and send alerts to manage accountability and eliminate human error.

AI-Enabled Analyzer and Search Tools to Uncover and Track Risk, Compliance, and Obligations

Automate search and analysis on more than 230 contract types, including third-party paper and on more than 50 provisions and metadata, including non-standard clauses. Evisort can associate master agreements with amendments and pull out clauses where there have been changes, such as to limitations and liabilities. In fact, you can train Evisort on any tagged clause or provisions with just a few examples to answer any question like, “Show me my data breach reporting requirements,” or to quickly run audit reports based on any CFO request. Evisort allows you to export custom clause reports to accelerate in-house and outside legal counsel review.

“Care Initiatives has appreciated the smooth implementation process that Evisort has in-place for its customers. Evisort’s dedicated Customer Success representative to Care Initiatives’ on-boarding process has made himself available to us whenever we have needed him and because Evisort’s AI technology is so well-developed, the actual process of uploading documents to Evisort has been pretty seamless. Care Initiatives feels confident that this product will make our organization more efficient.”

Abhay M. Nadipuram
VP and General Counsel, Care Initiatives


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