AI-powered data extraction and contract search

Instantly extract clauses, fields, and metadata from all contract types.

Scan contracts with OCR to make digital or physical documents fully searchable

Auto-extract data and clauses based on context and semantic meaning

Find document duplicates and group related documents through logical relationships

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Multi-language OCR makes digital and scanned  .docx and PDF files fully searchable.

Proprietary, trusted AI

Proven machine learning extracts clauses and data fields with market-leading accuracy.

Document organization

Automatically identify duplicate documents, then manage or delete as needed.

Actionable contract insights extracted by trusted AI

Analyze vital contract data automatically upon contract upload and ingestion.

Automatically identify clauses, fields, and critical data in any type of contract

Find and track clauses on your own contracts or third-party paper

Instantly search specific contracts or view dashboards that summarize all your contracts

Search engine for contracts

Easily search for specific clauses throughout your entire repository of contracts.

Support for all contract types

Use Evisort for any contract type, including NDAs, MSAs, leases, ISDAs, BAAs and more.

Micro- and macro-level data

Review information in specific contracts and analyze trends across your entire repository.

No-code, trainable AI models for unique clauses

Teach Evisort to recognize industry- or business-specific terms.

Instantly extract and analyze new and unique contract terms with as few as one example

Tailor Evisort to your unique business needs on demand from a single, self-serve hub

Avoid the learning curve — no AI or data science experience needed

Custom clause recognition

Train Evisort’s powerful AI to recognize and surface clauses unique to your business.

Automation Hub™

Train and manage Evisort’s AI across all contracts from a central hub – with no code.

Administrative controls

Control and manage which users can train and access Evisort’s AI and automation tools.

Connected contract data for stronger decision-making

Analyze contract data with intuitive search and data visualization tools.

Search for information across all contracts using artificial intelligence

Summarize contract data on an aggregate level and inspect at the document or clause level

Search for fields, clauses, and associated documents at the individual agreement level

Advanced search

Quickly access contract information with a Google-like, intuitive search experience.

Intelligent dashboards

Instantly visualize AI data including expiration dates, payment terms, and cycle times.

Document viewer

Search text directly on the original document and link to extracted clauses and fields.

Evisort is one of the most versatile tools I have ever used. From the simplicity of the approach, to the AI and the self configurable workflows, it's easy to get an ROI in a couple of months.

Procurement Manager
Keller Williams

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