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We got significant ROI in one month with a couple of vendor contracts that Evisort surfaced.

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Future-proof contract management

Access AI to accurately search for industry-specific terms and clauses unique to your business. Evisort’s AI  finds similar language across historical contracts, including third-party paper, empowering procurement  to protect the organization.

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Improve multi-tiered supplier risk management

Demonstrate data-backed risk management strategies to the business with live dashboards and pre-approved contract templates. AI monitors supplier compliance with organizational standards.

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Control and audit spend across the enterprise

Centralize contract data in a secure, single source of truth that’s instantly searchable. Group agreements and amendments by counterparty, identify redundant services and under-utilized subscriptions, and re-paper contracts with suboptimal terms.

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Report on supplier data to elevate procurement’s impact

Leverage existing contract data and supplier obligations for future negotiations. View all expiration dates and renewal terms from one dashboard, track cost-saving terms and entitlements, and analyze payment terms across locations.

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Resources for procurement teams

Connected Contract Data

Connected Contract Data

Evisort Platform

Evisort Platform

Ardent Partners Webinar: Vendor Management: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
On-demand Webinar
Vendor Management

Ardent Partners Webinar: Vendor Management: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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