Accelerate Getting Your Team’s Contracts to Work for the Business

Evisort increases productivity, visibility, and compliance into 100% of your contracts. You’ll get the broadest, most in-depth insights across all of your contracts while also mitigating risk and ensuring compliance. You simply cannot get this using manual methods.

“The platform’s upfront value is second to none. The speed and accuracy with which it uploads thousands of documents save us a lot of time. We can upload and fully index between 7500 – 8000 documents within hours.”

Joshua Klein
Director of Information Technology at Plug Power

Windmills - Evisort Procurement Solution

Benefits for Procurement Teams

Automate Contract Creation

Empower procurement to create self-service compliant contracts with minimal legal involvement to speed time to signature.

Create Greater Effeciencies

Automate contract review workflows to speed up negotiations while creating more effective agreements.

Full Transparency and Visibility

Know immediately the status of a contract in the approval cycle and who still needs to approve.

Automate Contract Management

Mine existing contracts to take advantage of discount levels and never miss a contractual opportunity to renegotiate.

Mitigate Risk

Stay on top of all expiration and renewal dates and prevent unwanted costs or premature contract expirations.

Self-Service Contract Creation and Automatic Workflows

Evisort contract creation and collaboration tools speed time to signature, getting your new contracts to work for you fast and ensuring supplier compliance. Reduce the need for extensive legal review during contract creation and negotiate better deals with legal-approved templates. Create automatic approval workflows with built-in collaboration tools; show accountability across teams like IT, finance, legal, and procurement; manage document versions; tie comments directly to the contract; and send alerts to manage accountability and eliminate human error.

Integrations Sync All Contract Data to One Location

Evisort automatically syncs with a range of ERPs and CMSs to pull all of your contract data directly into one repository, giving you full visibility and accessibility. This enables you to quickly locate any document and search and analyze any query in seconds. Documents are owned and maintained in their original file structure — eliminating any disruption to individual business units’ document management systems.

AI-Enabled Search and Analyzer Tools Uncover Risk, Track Compliance, and Maximize the Bottom Line

Automate search and analysis on more than 230 contract types, including third-party paper and on more than 50 provisions and metadata, including non-standard clauses. Associate master agreements with related scopes of work, change orders, or other related documentation and amendments. Train any tagged clause or provisions with just a few examples to answer question like, “Show me all Automatic Renewal Notice of Termination Date.” Manage group purchasing for discounted prices. Benchmark how much you paid in the past to compare that with present and future costs. And rationalize and optimize the best vendor agreements when going through M&A.

Customizable Alerts to Stay Ahead of Notice Periods

Set up alerts to stay ahead of notice periods and never miss an auto-renewal, expiration, or rebate. Proactively renegotiate contracts for better terms and cost management. Quickly see all expiration dates from one dashboard.


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