Centralized collaboration for optimized contracts

Bring together organizational knowledge and expertise across the business.

Establish standard terms and default contract templates based on historical agreements

Centralize contract requests and implement standard processes, such as deal desks

Support compliance with internal policies via collaborative review workflows

Historical data insights

Centralize contract data to leverage institutional knowledge and best practices.

Centralized intake requests

Manage all contract requests and status updates from a single, collaborative location.

Built-in contract compliance

Standard templates and review processes ensure requests comply with company policy.

Intuitive user experience for CLM and contract analytics

Increase process adoption with capabilities that teams will actually use.

Invite stakeholders to easily request, review, and comment on contracts

Empower colleagues to request and manage contracts from their preferred platforms

Speed up contracting cycle times with deeper visibility into contract status and assigned action items

Self-serve contracts

Select contract type and enter data online to generate agreements and initiate review.

Connected contract data

Remove system silos by connecting business platforms with contract data.

Process and KPI reporting

Report on contract workloads to identify and get ahead of process bottlenecks.

Teamwork that closes the deal and beats the quarter

Keep everyone on the same page during contract negotiation.

Automate review and approval steps and set alerts to offer help and issue reminders

View contracts in Evisort or Microsoft Word and Microsoft 365

Customize workflows with integrated e-signatures or wet signatures

Transparent collaboration

Track progress, tag teammates to address redlines, and see who’s actively reviewing.

Editing in platform or Word

Edit with Microsoft Word and upload new versions, or redline directly in Evisort.

Faster contract execution

Establish one place to find your drafts and contracts across all your systems.

Integrated deal context and historical contract data

Quickly find and share all the right information to empower your team.

Create custom searches to find exactly what you need, then share the searches internally

Bring everyone together in one virtual space to review and comment on documents

Locate any contract draft or signed agreement immediately upon request

Analytics for audits

Quickly build custom searches to find relevant contracts or a single document.

Document comments

Provide context, reasoning, and guidance for future reviewers via document commenting.

Single source of truth

Establish one place to find your drafts and contracts across all your systems.

We’ve been able to reduce the number of contracts that our legal team needs to do an in-depth review of by 1/3 in any given year.

Manager of Legal Operations
Care Initiatives

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