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The speed and accuracy with which Evisort uploads thousands of documents save us a lot of time. We can upload and fully index 8,000 documents within hours.

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Strengthen IT operations across the organization

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Increase visibility into SLAs, rebates, and contract data

Populate contract data into existing systems and leverage real-time dashboards to surface and manage commitments. Confidently navigate regulations and answer related questions using AI-powered search.

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Manage user access securely and reduce internal risk

Establish and manage different levels of user access for roles, departments, titles, and more. Integrate with your organization’s single sign-on authentication provider for an additional level of security.

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Connect IT contract data to contain costs

Gain insights into infrastructure spend and streamline vendor off-boarding. Collaborate in decentralized office locations to support hybrid work. Reduce costs associated with auto-renewals by maintaining connected contract data in a central location.

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Integrate with existing systems

Easily connect Evisort’s AI platform and contract data with existing systems. Seamlessly integrate connected contract data into critical business systems, including ERP, CRM, P2P, and API automation platforms.

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The Future of Procurement: How AI Is Revolutionizing Procurement Operations with Insights at Scale

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