Shorten Sales Cycles by Removing Contracting Red Tape

Evisort automates contract workflow and provides time-saving transparency to accelerate contract generation, negotiation, approvals, and signatures so your sales teams can close more deals faster.

“Evisort has been great! I love how easy it is to upload a contract, search for a contract, view a contract, set up alerts, etc.  All of these tasks take just minutes to perform in Evisort.  Plus, the Evisort customer support team is always quick to respond.”

Linda Ticen
Asset Marketing Services

Benefits for Sales Teams

Self-Service Contract Generation

Evisort contract generation standardizes pre-approved clause language for a quick turnaround on documents like NDAs. Contracts are in good standing and compliant from day one, which lets you not only negotiate faster, but also positively impact your business post-signature for activities such as audits, IPO readiness, and fundraising while reducing outside legal costs.

Automated Workflow and Internal Approvals

Manage approval and workflow accountability with a dashboard that summarizes all contracts in motion and where they are stuck. Use pre-defined workflows to immediately include the right reviewers for each document, view an audit trail of all approvers at once, send alerts to manage accountability and close contracts and key documents at the speed of business. Never again face a trade-off of not fully reviewing any contracts or NDAs to meet a business deadline.

One Place to Collaborate, Negotiate and Send for Signature

Collaborate across different home offices and departments as if you were in the same room. Save time redlining online with a side-by-side view and quick identification of changes, while tying comments directly to the contract. Manage versions to assure you’re working on the most recent copy and send for e-signature with a click to finalize deals in minutes.


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