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Our team has been able to transition to Evisort as our contract management solution seamlessly. The tool is user-friendly and intuitive.

Director of Sales Operations

Focus on closing deals, not chasing contracts

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Accelerate time-to-revenue

Close deals faster by reducing the time your revenue operations and deal desk spend preparing and reviewing customer contracts. Track contract workflows, templatize AI data-proven clauses, and improve operational efficiency.

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Leverage AI to extract data for revenue recognition

Centralize contracts in a searchable repository to reduce manual work and decrease reconciliation times across revenue, accounting, and legal teams for SOX compliance reporting.

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Manage contracts from within your CRM platform

Initiate contracts and review processes, auto-populate contract intake forms, and monitor review status directly within Salesforce (or your preferred CRM tool) for faster deals and minimal manual work.

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Streamline sales contract workflows and approvals

Provide instant stakeholder visibility into contract workstreams to eliminate bottlenecks with real-time dashboards and automated alerts.

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Contract Intelligence for Banking

Evisort for Vendor Management

Evisort for Vendor Management

Forrester Wave™ Contract Lifecycle Management for 2023

Forrester Wave™ Contract Lifecycle Management for 2023

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