Template-based, self-serve contract requests

Initiate contract generation and review with intuitive intake forms.

Build standardized, legal-approved templates for multiple contract types

Empower stakeholders with self-serve tools for contract requests and status updates

Utilize existing tools, like Salesforce, to request contracts using pre-built or API integrations

Support for third-party paper

Accelerate review for all agreement types, including contracts on third-party paper.

Self-serve intake forms

Empower business stakeholders to request contracts and receive updates automatically.

Salesforce & CRM integration

Enable teams to request and track contracts from Salesforce or their preferred CRM tool.

Optimized contract policies based on historical data

Analyze existing agreements to render preferred and fallback language and develop best practices.

Populate a clause library using AI-extracted language from historical contracts

Modify contracts with Evisort’s in-app document editor or with Microsoft Word

Group documents by counterparty, date, and custom logic

Clause library

Manage, insert, and replace preferred, fallback, and walkaway language.

Document editor

Review, redline, compare versions, comment, and tag teammates directly in Evisort.

Document groups

Quickly organize related agreements through hierarchical relationships.

Simplified, scalable drafting and negotiation

Negotiate with confidence using AI-analyzed existing contract data.

Automate review routing and send notifications to ensure accountability

Redline contracts with exception identification and access to pre-approved fallback language

Streamline communication and execution with e-signature integrations

Workflow automation

Route agreements for stakeholder review and approval based on contract variables.

Redlining and version control

Make edits, track changes, compare versions, and tag collaborators for action in-platform.

Integrated e-signature

Sign contracts via Adobe Sign and DocuSign integrations to accelerate execution.

Increased accountability and transparency across teams

Verify review status, view action items, and address bottlenecks.

Check the status of open contract requests and identify next steps

View all your open contracts and action items in one place

Reference your historical requests and identify who signed which agreements

Automatic notifications

Receive email alerts automatically as contract requests move through each workflow step.

Live status dashboard

View all contract requests, see review status, and engage with teammates on next steps.

Access to existing contracts

Reference and search historical contracts to understand obligations and precedents.

We’ve been able to reduce the number of contracts that our legal team needs to do an in-depth review of by 1/3 in any given year.

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