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Evisort is a cost effective solution that has transformed our ability to manage contracts. The ROI has been significant, saving us hundreds of hours of otherwise manual processes.

Chief Financial Officer
Five Rivers Health Centers

Increase access to actionable financial data

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Identify and analyze risks

Mitigate financial and compliance risk within the supply and customer base. Quickly find and report on payment terms, liability clauses, deadlines, and financial obligations to get ahead of risks and anticipate business implications.

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Build stronger business processes

Streamline collaboration and increase accountability with legal and business teams via automated workflows, document commenting, and review notifications. Reduce manual work including AI extraction and connected data to minimize overall risk.

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Illuminate AI insights from connected contract data

Gain deeper visibility into key contract data such as termination or payment terms via live, AI-powered dashboards that enable you to verify the exact clause or relevant language.

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Increase accountability with connected contract data

Connect your existing contract storage systems and populate payment, CRM, and ERP systems with underlying contract data so that all key stakeholders have secure, appropriate access to actionable data that’s relevant to them.

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