Measurable productivity and performance data

Promote accountability, report on progress, and optimize processes.

Track cycle times, request trends, turn rates, ticket volume, and other KPIs

Report on progress over time and share metrics with executives and stakeholders

Measure team performance, monitor trends, and identify areas for improvement

Live workflow dashboards

Monitor submitted and completed contract request trends by type and team over time.

Shareable information

Create and share reports from dashboards in PDF, CSV, or PNG formats through e-mail.

Real-time ticket dashboards

Visualize contract aging trends and open requests by type, team, and current reviewer.

Intelligent, customizable dashboards that surface risk and opportunity

Instantly visualize critical contract data, obligations, and operational trends.

View terms, expirations, and renewals with templatized, customizable dashboards

Filter contracts by dates, types, parties, jurisdictions,  payment terms, and more

Drill down within a filtered data set to directly view any document or specific clause

Document dashboards

Summarize contracts by party, type, payment dates, termination terms, and more.

Expiration dashboards

Display upcoming deadlines, such as contract renewal notices and expirations.

Configurable dashboards

Build charts for any document field, and explore integrated search and filters.

Accessible reports with AI-driven contract insights

Focus on making strategic decisions, not gathering data.

Create custom reports for revenue recognition, vendor management, and more

Filter contract sets, customize data, and save reports for easy access

Export to Excel, download, and share with email to easily support audits and reviews

Custom, shareable reports

Save searches to generate tabulated reports that organize contract data in compact form.

Adjustable report filters

Apply data filters and choose which fields, clauses, and tables to include in reports.

Export and download

Save and share reports with individuals and teams.

Automated, customizable alerts for key stakeholders

Keep major deadlines in front of you without manual tracking.

Automate reminders for contract expiration, automatic renewal, and other critical dates

Reduce risk by keeping stakeholders informed of contracts most relevant to them

Customize alert frequency in the way that works best for your team

Customized notifications

Set alerts based on contract data, conditional logic, folders tracked for changes, and more.

Filter based on AI data

Trigger alerts for AI-extracted data for all types of contracts and documents.

Flexible scheduling

Customize alert frequency and the individuals, groups, and teams to be notified.

When we need to provide an answer to leadership and stakeholders about our contractual rights, obligations, and renewal dates, Evisort’s AI helps us find the necessary information to respond to those questions quickly and accurately.

Chief Product Counsel
Global Specialty Insurance Company

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