You can't find a customizable contract management solution like Evisort. We have 20-year old processes set in stone and Evisort was able to create a system that worked for us

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How Evisort helps world-class legal, procurement, sales, finance, and compliance teams move at the speed of business

Stay prepared for any audits and compliance fire-drills due shifting privacy regulations e.g. GDPR, CCPA, and more without manual review

Accelerate due diligence for your next funding round or merger and acquisition activity using AI-powered contract intelligence

Give your finance and sales teams visibility into the contracting process and integrate with existing CRM & ERP systems like Salesforce and SAP Ariba


Contract lifecycle management assessment

NetApp accelerated analysis of their supplier and customer agreements with Evisort, saving them thousands of dollars

Contract lifecycle management assessment

Microsoft reduced contract drafting times and streamlined their contracting process to effectively service thousands of opportunities 

Contract lifecycle management assessment

Evisort Whitepaper: Evisort and the CCPA


Benefits of automated contract management for SaaS and technology companies

AI-enabled contract management software helps you accelerate contracting, improve transparency and compliance, and be prepared for your next growth event

Be Prepared for M&A, Fundraising, and IPOs

  • Skip tedious manual due diligence and worrying ahead of M&A, IPOs, and fundraising activities

  • Proactively track all key contractual terms so teams can respond to complex questions about contractual agreements without fire-drills

Create compliant and speedy contract workflows

  • Enable your sales team to generate and execute SaaS agreements in minutes while ensuring that only approved language is used

Get full visibility and accountability for contracts

  • Get a record of standard vs. non-standard terms and who approved what

  • Route documents through Business Acceptance after negotiation

  • Full audit log

"Evisort provided us with an automated and efficient contract creation process, eliminating the need to manage and publish templates. Our end users can self-serve, have the confidence that the digital contract they are creating contains the latest compliant T&Cs and most importantly, be able to generate and submit a digital draft to the customer in minutes vs. days."

Aaron Gass
Director, Contracts and Commercial Management