Contract Management Software For financial Services

Operational Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance are not mutually exclusive

Use innovative contract management software to improve financial efficiency ratios, regulatory compliance, and risk management

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Contract lifecycle management assessment

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Contract lifecycle management assessment

Evisort Whitepaper: Contract Management Best Practices to Meet the Demands of Regulatory Change

Contract lifecycle management assessment

Evisort Whitepaper: Six Best Practices to Maximize Value from Vendor Contracts


How Evisort helps financial services organizations reduce risks, lower costs, and drive revenue with digital transformation

AI-enabled contract management software helps you eliminate siloed, manual, and redundant tasks that waste time, burn money, and introduce risk

Create a better client experience for highly-negotiated agreements

Minimize time spent manually drafting documents so you can focus on closing the deal and maximizing value. Easily and quickly look up client positions in prior agreements.

Automate high-volume form documents

Standardize your contracts with templates that ensure you send clients pre-approved language and are flexible enough to include  mutually agreed to terms from previous negotiations.

Get full workflow visibility and accountability for regulatory compliance

Evisort’s transparent approval workflow means that all internal parties can easily stay on the same page during the contracting process without a constant stream of emails, calls, or meetings.

Benefits of automated contract management for financial services

Transform client onboarding, contract negotiation, risk management, and regulatory compliance into competitive advantage


  • Financial statement reviews

  • Presentations and sales campaigns

Client Due Diligence

  • Beneficial ownership

  • Anti-Money Laundering

  • Know Your Customer

  • CDD

  • Tax operations


  • Loan spreading

  • Credit / Ratings Events

  • Annual Reviews

  • Convenant Monitoring

Legal & Doc Ops

  • Templates

  • Approvals and Authorizations

  • Legal Hold

  • Bespoke Negotiations

Post Booking

  • Invoicing

  • Collateral Exchange

  • Regulatory