AI-POWERED SOFTWARE FOR vendor contract management

“We got significant ROI in one month with a couple of vendor contracts that Evisort surfaced.”

Travis Somerville, VP of Procurement, Keller Williams

Travis SomervilleVP of Procurement, Keller Williams

Evisort delivers instant visibility across your supply chain and vendor contracts to drive savings and mitigate risk.

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Why teams across the enterprise use Evisort for vendor contract management

Millions of dollars saved in unwanted contract renewals

Millions of dollars saved by consolidating redundant or canceling unused services

2 minutes needed for contract review instead of 2 hours

50% less time needed to negotiate vendor contracts

Scale FTEs by using AI-powered tools to automate manual data entry

Third-Party Paper
Expirations & Renewals
Entitlement Management
Payment Terms, Discounts, Adjustments, & Contract Value
Third-Party Risk Management
Internal Standards & Policies
HIPAA Business Associate Agreement
SAP Ariba, Coupa, & Sharepoint Integrations
Real Estate & Leases
Supply Chain Disruptions & Inflation
Supplier Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Evisort is used by


CFO's need visibility into all revenue contracts to keep track of special terms and conditions that can be utilized for accounting analyses

Head of Risk Management

Risk Management leaders need to have visibility into wide ranging issues like data breach, regulatory compliance and contractual obligations. When issues arise teams need to identify which client / vendor relationships are implicated and require remediation - Evisort makes this often painful process simple.

Contract Administrator

Evisort's analysis of renewal language makes it more efficient for teams to know what is coming up for renewal and allow time for teams to take proactive action without the need for tedious manual data entry. Contract Administers can have more impact with drastically less effort!

Director of IT
VP of Sourcing & Procurement

Procurement teams need to get the most value out of every vendor relationship. Tracking opportunities for cost savings and revenue generation like early payment discounts, rebate language, payment penalties etc. automatically by passively reviewing ever 3rd party vendor agreement - makes Evisort a key asset to and Sourcing leader

Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Managers need to know what vendors they have agreements with and data like payment terms, renewal notice periods, termination language and more are key to getting the most value out of every supplier relationship

Head of Compliance

In a world of ever-changing regulatory requirements compliance leaders need to have ongoing visibility into what their contractual obligations and terms are - especially as fines for non-compliance grow

Head of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

9% of vendor contract value is lost due to poor management*

Manual or siloed vendor contract management practices keep teams reactive, eat margins, and make it hard to scale

*WorldCC, The 10 Critical Pitfalls of Modern Contract Management

Wasted Spend

Siloed agreements lead to missed notices, sub-optimal payments, and unnecessary services

  • Missed notices for expirations & automatic renewals

  • Unknown payment terms & low days payable outstanding (DPO)

  • Redundant services and supplier agreements with vendors across teams and offices

  • Unclaimed discounts and rebates

  • Variable pricing terms or rates

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Inefficiency and Low Process Adoption

Cumbersome processes slow business and introduce risk

  • High migration costs and long timelines

  • Failed implementations with legacy contract lifecycle management vendors

  • Lack of integration and interoperability

  • Gaps in knowledge and risk management

  • Overwhelmed contract managers and business stakeholders

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Fire Drills

Reactive responses cost time, burn money, and erode reputation

  • Data breaches & cyber security issues

  • Shipping delays & lost shipments

  • Quality issues & defects

  • Undelivered products & services


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Turn vendor contracts into Competitive Advantage

Business agility and cost optimization

Rapidly respond to disruptions, hit spend targets, increase process adoption, and improve organizational performance

Never miss key dates
Chart and get notified about upcoming expirations and renewals

Get what you're owed
Track dollar-saving terms and entitlements, share early payment discounts and rebate information with finance, and analyze payment terms across offices

Cancel unused services and consolidate spend
Group agreements and amendments by counterparty, identify redundant services and under-utilized contract subscriptions, and re-paper contracts with suboptimal terms

Minimize change management
Simplify implementation and drive adoption with tech that integrates and is interoperable with existing procurement and document storage systems

Uplevel insight for all
Educate executives and business leaders on what contracts are currently in place with whom

Scale your team
Provide a single source of truth for stakeholders to access previously signed contracts, request NDAs, and negotiate and execute new vendor contracts

Be prepared for a crisis
Conduct contract exit planning during economic crises or breaches, find vital language across all counterparties for audits, and standardize obligations to enforce confidentiality, security, and privacy

Tackle transactions without outsourcing
Validate M&A assumptions, integrate third-party contracts and vendors, and re-paper post-merger

Future-proof contract management
Tag industry-specific business terms — such as debris removal, rate changes, or overdrafts — then search for similar language across historical contracts, including third-party paper, and track the information going forward

Track, analyze, search, and visualize buy-side contract clauses and fields in real-time with out-of-the-box AI

Payments & Pricing

Payment Term
Payment Discount
Payment Penalty
Contract Value
Price Adjustment
And More...

Expirations & Renewals

Start Date
Effective Date
Expiration Date
Renewal Term
Renewal Notice Date
And More...

Breach & Termination

Breach Notice
Data Breach
Force Majeure
Change of Control
Termination for Breach
Termination for Convenience
And More...
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Contract lifecycle management assessment

Evisort Whitepaper: Six Best Practices to Maximize Value from Vendor Contracts

Contract lifecycle management assessment

Evisort Whitepaper: Supply Chain Management — Procurement & AI

Contract lifecycle management assessment

Evisort E-book: Legal, Contracts, and You: Relationship Management for Procurement and Finance Pros


Improve vendor contract compliance and risk management

Profit Protection

Proactively assess vendor agreements for compliance with regulations, enforce company policies, and monitor supplier agreement performance

  • GDPR, CCPA, Schrems II

  • Regulatory & Internal Compliance

  • Obligations & Entitlement Fulfillment

Third-Party Risk Management

Support governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) initiatives by identifying and mitigating supplier risk within contracts before it impacts brand and customer trust

  • Security

  • Data Privacy

  • Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Data and AI power the leading vendor contract management solution

Evisort's Contract Intelligence Platform enables Vendor Management teams to operate with:

Streamlined and standardized negotiations at scale

Third-party paper
Analyze and generate contracts on third-party paper out-of-the-box so you can keep track of all of your contract data and generate new contracts from one central location

Templates based on data
Natural language processing (NLP) enables you to search and analyze preferred language from existing agreements, then quickly create new templates for contracts and individual clauses

Self-service intake forms
Create self-service forms to enable stakeholders from different business teams to make special requests and automate vendor contract management processes

Evisort Contract Management Software

Executive-ready dashboards

Instant data visualization
View key information from your vendor agreements in dashboards that instantly distill data into actionable insights and board-ready visualizations

Productivity and process metrics
Reduce cycle times for contract negotiations by mitigating the manual slog of document review

ROI-ready analytics
Identify duplicate vendors and contracts for redundant services; summarize and drill into termination for convenience, breach notice, and payment terms; cross-reference pricing across contracts of a certain type

Evisort Contract Management Software

Integrated, single source of truth

Single sign-on (SSO)
Configure authentication that allows users to log in with a single ID and password so they can move seamlessly between Evisort and procurement systems such as SAP Ariba

Easy-to-use Integrations
Automatically track vital data points across contracts in document repositories and procurement systems from a central contract repository without migration while eliminating tedious manual entry and supercharging access to business intelligence

Real-time API
Evisort’s passive API  continuously analyzes contracts and merges data from SAP Ariba and other procurement systems to provide key insights on working capital projections, early payment discounts, and rebates

Evisort Contract Management Software

Partner with industry-leading support and service to achieve rapid ROI

Evisort includes access to vendor management best practices and templates, service teams with deep legal expertise, and on-demand training

Best practices, pre-built templates, and best-in-class workflows for vendor contract management
The platform has built-in tools for a wide range of agreements, including:

  • Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

  • Vendor Services Agreement

  • Subscription and Services Agreement

  • Master Services Agreement

  • Consulting Agreement

Evisort Contract Management Software

Team with deep contract management & AI experience

Evisort was founded by lawyers and data scientists. Our team has 20+ attorneys from top law schools trained to help teams manage contracts with accuracy and speed.

Dedicated success & support team and resources

Evisort provides dedicated success managers, access to support specialists, and an online help center.

Evisort Academy, training on demand

Bite-sized, self-paced online courses to onboard new users and help users of all experience levels improve their Evisort skills, discover new platform features, and master best practices.