Product Overview

01 ——— Why Evisort?

Evisort – the modern way to manage and analyze contracts.

Evisort streamlines your contract workflow using advanced AI to extract, classify, and track key provisions in your documents, all delivered through a cloud-based platform. Upload, access, search, monitor, deliver results, and run reports seamlessly across all your lines of business.

Standalone centralized repository, or integrates with your current storage locations

Works with almost any format of document, from PDF to Word

Manage contract deadlines, contract language, key provisions, and more…

02 ——— How It Works

Advanced Functions to Streamline Your Contracting Process — End to End.

Our goal was to create a centralized repository across your entire organization. Not only that, but Evisort facilitates your entire contracting process with its holistic framework, from Contract Generation to Benchmarking and Analytics.

Evisort’s AI is trained on millions of documents. We have built specialized technology using the most advanced academic research so that our algorithms are extremely accurate. All lead by a team of highly educated data scientists and lawyers.

Our AI is so good that other AI companies are licensing it to power their systems.

03 ——— Why Is Evisort Better?

The only AI-powered product that can work on everything in the contracting life cycle.

We can do contract generation, contract review, and contract management. We’re an end to end platform, all fully pre-trained so users don’t have to spend a lot of time training their own algorithms.

We can also tag and categorize an unlimited number of document and provision types using the most recent advancements in machine learning. Built by lawyers for lawyers and enterprises that care about their most important documents.

Contract Lifecycle Management
04 ——— What Makes Using Evisort So Easy?

Revolutionary, from the ground up.

We’ve built a product that’s revolutionary, from the ground up. Every line of code we wrote was designed with the customer in mind, built for the modern enterprise. Everything is hosted on the cloud and works out of the box, allowing us to sync with any contract repository and run our AI against any document. With an ever increasing amount of integrations, Evisort is a powerful plug and play solution for the modern company.

05 ——— Why Does Evisort Matter?

Evisort will change the way you manage contracts, permanently.

Never waste time looking for a contract again

Analyze a 20 page document in seconds

Be proactive, not reactive, to risks facing your organization

Increase intelligence with benchmarking and centralized record keeping

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