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Transform your business with valuable insight by learning from the data-points and outcomes in your past deals and optimizing future contracts for compliance, risk, and efficient execution.

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What is Contract Intelligence?

Evisort's cloud-based, AI-powered Contract Intelligence Platform instantly turns your contracts into searchable data, answers any question about your existing contracts, and optimizes new agreements for negotiation and execution so you can make better, faster, less risky deals.

The three critical capabilities of Contract Intelligence

Evisort was founded by lawyers and data scientists with deep expertise in AI and has fully integrated the three capabilities in one end-to-end SaaS platform that can be implemented in fewer than 30 days without migration or IT.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Accelerate deals with data-driven negotiation

Eliminate complex contract review processes. Use AI-based contract management software to request, draft, redline, approve, sign, report on, and renew contracts. Use intelligence from existing contracts to build no-code, self-serve templates and workflows that work with your e-signature providers to accelerate and scale your business.

Contract Lifecycle Management
Evisort Contract Management Software
Evisort Contract Management Software

Contract Analytics

Answers to your most important contract questions

No more manual contract data entry or lengthy review time to get contract insights. Evisort's Artificial Intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing, delivers powerful contract data extraction to instantly search and find revenue, cost-savings, and risk-reduction opportunities across all your contracts, including third-party paper.

Contract Analytics
Evisort Contract Management Software

Contract Repository & Integrations

Central and secure access to all your contracts

Evisort automatically syncs all contracts across the organization in a single source of truth without migration or IT involvement. Keep existing file and folder structures so business teams aren't disrupted.

Contract Repository & Integrations
Evisort Contract Management Software

What makes Evisort different?

Highly configurable, no-code, centralized platform that integrates with your business, no migration needed

Proprietary, out-of-the-box AI that automatically tracks key information, dates, and clauses from contracts without manual data entry or review

Answers any question about existing contracts and optimizes every new contract for compliance, profitability, and execution

Easy-to-use, fully integrated, end-to-end solution that delivers rapid ROI in 30 days with little or no IT involvement

Continue using your existing storage, CRM, ERP, and procurement systems, and keep your file and folder structures.

Scan contracts with OCR to make digital or physical documents (word or PDF) fully searchable with 97% accuracy.

Out-of-the-box AI automatically extracts 40+ data-points from 230+ contract types, including third-party paper, based on context and meaning with 95% accuracy.

Automatically find dupes and group-related docs to identify redundant counter-parties, consolidate spend across the company, and determine the most current operative agreement.

Tag unique or industry-specific clauses in one example then automatically apply the model retroactively to all contracts to search and find those custom terms.

Search & Alert
Search across all contracts for counter-parties, clauses, dates, fields, and metadata. Set alerts based on data and conditions to get notified well before contracts expire or renew.

Visualize & Report
Dashboards analyze clauses and productivity metrics such as the ratio of executed vs non-executed, percentage with standard limitation of liability, contract cycle times, and throughput volume.

Standardize & Optimize
Analyze existing contracts to develop contract standards, implement templates, build rules-based workflows without IT, and enforce legal-approved, compliant language across the org.

Streamline, Collaborate, Scale & Automate
Automate self-serve workflows from intake request, drafting, redlining, approval, and execution through delivery and termination; notify stakeholders to take action and sign with e-signature.

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