Central Contract Repository

Evisort automatically syncs all contracts across the organization in a single source of truth for easy access without migration or IT involvement. Quickly find contract data and keep existing file and folder structures so business teams aren't disrupted.

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Secure and central access to all your contracts

Contract repository software that unifies your contracts and business; so teams can share information, search legal documents and contract metadata, and work from their preferred storage, CRM, ERP, and procurement systems.

Connect your existing contract storage systems and legacy contracts with self-service, secure integrations

Contract Analytics

Build custom integrations to systems or document repositories with Evisort's Open API

Support all contract types, manage contracts, and keep your files and folders in sync across all systems

Tame the contract chaos without migration or IT

Secure, role-based access

Get contract lifecycle management set up and running quickly with out-of-the-box integrations to your existing contract storage and CRM systems. Self-serve configuration, audit trails, and role-based access controls strengthen data privacy and preserve file and folder structures so legal teams can organize and clean up contracts.

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Evisort Contract Management Software
Evisort Contract Management Software

Extensible and Customizable

Integrate to your ERP, procurement, financial, or custom built systems with Evisort's Open API. Extend contract automation so you can work from your prefered systems and leverage Evisort for the unique, short and long-term needs of your business.

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Evisort Contract Management Software

Easy to use from wherever

Upload contracts through email, in-app, and bulk import using Evisort's OCR and automatically identify duplicate documents. Create contracts and keep files and folders up to date and accessible with automatic two-way sync between Evisort and your storage systems across offices, subsidiaries, and new acquisitions so you can work wherever.

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Evisort Contract Management Software

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“The platform's upfront value is second to none. The speed and accuracy with which it uploads thousands of documents save us a lot of time. We can upload and fully index 8000 documents within hours.”

Joshua Klein
Director of Information Technology

Don't migrate. Integrate.

Integrate and sync with your preferred storage, CRM, ERP, Procurement, and e-signature providers or use Evisort's Open API for custom integrations

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