Intelligent Contract Lifecycle Management

Evisort helps you build, scale, and automate workflows with data-driven tools. Streamline your contract lifecycle management processes - intake, drafting, redlining, approving, signing, reporting, and renewing - for faster, more intelligent transactions and contract renewals.

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Accelerate deals with data-driven negotiation

Fully configure contract lifecycle management (CLM) software to your business without IT so you can use insights from existing contracts to optimize future negotiations for efficient execution.

AI analyzes clauses, fields, and metadata and provides actionable insights from historical contract data

Contract Analytics

Build standard templates, configure intake forms, and automate workflows for all teams and contract types

Streamline negotiations and provide transparency into contract status and progress

Faster cycle times, more transparency, better compliance and business outcomes

Evisort was founded by lawyers and data scientists with deep expertise in AI and has fully integrated the three critical capabilities in one end-to-end SaaS platform that can be implemented in fewer than 30 days without migration or IT.

Set the new standard for managing contracts

Use hard data from contract analytics and self-serve, no-code tools to build and improve contract templates, intake forms, and approval workflows for any contract type. Enforce contract document standards across the entire organization by publishing and updating contract language in real-time without IT.

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Evisort Contract Management Software
Evisort Contract Management Software

Easy-to-use contract management solution

Centralize contract requests in a single portal with dashboards for tracking status across management stages and control access to the right teams, roles, and individuals. Audit trails record progress and relevant information for involved parties. Automatically draft contracts based on unique needs and best-practices learned from your historical agreements.

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Evisort Contract Management Software

Faster, better, risk-mitigated deals

Make your contract request, generation, redlining, and approval workflows transparent, efficient, and optimized for execution. Help your deal desk and vendor managers increase compliance, improve spend management, and accelerate cycle times.

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Evisort Contract Management Software

See What Our Customers Have To Say

"Evisort is a transformative contract management solution. We have used Evisort to manage our legal review queue instead of emails (which we all know to be a void). The audit trail of reviews is excellent! We don't need to ask who has reviewed each contract because, with Evisort, there's a trail of acceptance. The tool is user-friendly and intuitive. Our team has been able to transition to Evisort as our contract management solution seamlessly."

Stephanie S.
Director of Sales Operations