AI-Powered Contract Analytics

No more manual data entry or review to get contract insights. Use Evisort's AI, including machine learning and natural language processing, to instantly search and find revenue, cost-savings, and risk-reduction opportunities across all your contracts, including third-party paper.

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Data-driven answers to your most important contract questions

Adapt to disruptions, reduce time-to-market, meet customers' changing expectations, and answer questions for leaders, board members, and investors - instantly

Identify clauses based on context and meaning and search all your contracts instantly

Contract Analytics

Custom train your own algorithms to identify new, non-standard, and unique information anytime

Alert, report, and visualize contract data, expirations and renewals, trends, and productivity metrics

Transformational intelligence in real-time

Out-of-the-box business agility

Use pre-trained AI and learning algorithms to ingest, analyze, and organize contracts without manual data entry. Search for key information across your entire org, group related docs, track dates and obligations, and proactively manage compliance, M&A opportunities, and disruptive events impacting suppliers and customers.

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Evisort Contract Management Software
Evisort Contract Management Software

Future-proof your business

Tag, in a single contract, a new or unique clause not historically tracked then find similar language in all your contracts so you can know which contracts have force majeure terms or which customers accept partial order shipments when disaster or supply-chain disruptions strike. Invest in contract lifecycle management with long-term efficiency and effectiveness.

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Evisort Contract Management Software

Never surprised, always prepared

Contract analytics reduce risk so stop relying on contract anecdotes. Start analyzing vital data in real-time so you can operate at scale with confidence. In-app dashboarding, exportable reports, and configurable alerts help you understand business relationships and key dates, monitor team performance and bottlenecks, and answer critical questions for executives.

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Evisort Contract Management Software

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“One of the advantages of Evisort’s technology is that it’s so intuitive, the mindset shift happens painlessly and exponentially faster. Once you taste this AI contract search capability, you become addicted—and you start to identify use cases all over the place.”

Connie Brenton
VP Law, Technology, and Operations