Unlock data from contracts and supercharge search

Find and report on unique clauses within your company’s contract portfolio. Get answers faster than ever, accelerate deals, and optimize agreement terms and workflows, all without expensive outsourced review.

Train Evisort’s AI to identify new, non-standard, and unique information in contract clauses – no data science degree necessary

Contract Analytics

Audit all contractual language quickly and address changing regulations proactively to ensure better compliance

Manage search results for your unique contract terms and provide stakeholders with actionable insights

Faster review times, more transparency, better compliance and business outcomes

Get started today and scale as needed

Select just a single language example to help Evisort’s AI recognize a custom clause across all your contracts. With Automation Hub, you can track, search, and analyze as many custom clauses as you need.

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Evisort Contract Management Software
Evisort Contract Management Software

Maintain control on your own terms

Tailor Evisort to support your unique business needs from a single, self-serve hub. Maintain security by defining who can create and manage custom clauses.

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Evisort Contract Management Software

Supercharge contract search and business agility

Create new custom clauses by either highlighting sample language within a specific contract or by feeding sample language to the Automation Hub. Once a custom clause is created and applied to the relevant contract set, you can instantly find it via Evisort’s Search, Reporting, and Document Viewer.

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Evisort Contract Management Software

See What Our Customers Have to Say

"Evisort's AI helps Netflix find and visualize key contract information quickly. Evisort is easy to train yet powerful enough to automate manual, time-consuming projects.”

Jenn McCarron
Director of Legal Operations and Technology