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Keller Williams saves thousands and adds visibility and accountability into their contracting

Austin, Texas-based Keller Williams, the world’s largest real estate technology franchise by agent count, has more than 1,070 offices and 187,000 associates. Focused on disrupting the traditional approach to real estate, the franchise is also No. 1 in residential real estate sales volume in the United States. In 2015, KW began its digital transformation into a technology company. Using R&D insights from KW Labs, its innovation hub, Keller Williams develops proprietary technology and uses the brand’s global scale to fuel a platform aimed at providing the best agent-driven consumer experience in real estate. Command, the brand’s smart CRM-plus platform, helps agents prioritize business goals, lead generate and automate business tasks. The corporate office also uses its core technology to maintain real-time visibility into the sales pipeline worldwide.

Proven ROI – Immediately

Although they have mastered new technology for their agents, Keller Williams didn’t have 100% visibility into their vendor and supplier timings.  With more than 10 years of contracts from multiple departments, procurement and contract standards were scattered.  Operationally, expiring contract negotiations or re-negotiating auto-renewals were not viewable on a single, authoritative calendar.  COVID-19 and managing vendor costs made all manner of contracting more urgent, and Keller Williams wanted a reliable early warning radar system for all contracts, no matter the size.

Keller Williams could have manually reviewed thousands of contracts but they chose a faster way with Evisort that can only be done with Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistance. Evisort gives back time to KW paralegals and contract managers and enables a faster check of all contracts at scale. Procurement leaders come prepared to present renewals to their executive team driving smooth, efficient renegotiations.

The ROI of Evisort is obvious. If you catch one or two auto-renewals you don’t want, it is enough to justify the cost. We got significant ROI in one month with a couple of vendor contracts that Evisort surfaced.”

Travis Somerville, Procurement Leader at Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

A Trusted Partner

Prior to Evisort, Keller Williams relied on a lot of “tribal knowledge.” They were dependent on spreadsheets in private computers, and shared edits and redlines over email created bottlenecks. Now with Evisort, renewals are managed in one location, along with all contracts, and contract review. With a clear audit trail there is 100% visibility and accountability.

In terms of implementation, Evisort was also quick to get up and running. According to Travis Somerville, Procurement Leader at Keller Williams, “Evisort was able to answer every single question when asked. Unlike competitors, who had to schedule weeks ahead to get AI experts on the phone.  We quickly realized by choosing Evisort would de-risk the timeline and find success.”

Their sales team gave us great confidence, and the self-service model allowed us to push contracts into the system in just one week!  Another top vendor, who we originally partnered with for two years, cost more, and couldn’t pull off what we did with Evisort in short order.”

Travis Somerville, Procurement Leader at Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Stronger Internal Relationships

With one location to manage all contracts and re-negotiate contracts on best terms, finance, legal, and procurement teams are working more closely, slashing costs, and freeing up cash flow.

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