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Jelly Belly Candy Company, based in Fairfield, California, was founded in 1898 and is one of the most reputable candy manufacturers in the world. The company offers more than 100 flavors of its iconic Jelly Belly® jelly beans and other confections for many generations of children (and the young at heart) and is one of the most iconic candy brands on the market today.

The Jelly Belly legal team has to review several contracts every day. With only three people on staff, it used to take them a week or more to manually complete the entire contract review cycle from review to negotiation and signature. Given the scale at which the company operates, identifying and implementing a faster contract review process was integral to Jelly Belly’s continued dominance in the consumer candy market.

Manual mishaps

Jelly Belly is an innovator that famously produces every flavor of jelly bean imaginable, but the legal team was stuck with inefficient contract processes that diminished team productivity. The legal, finance, procurement, and sales teams slogged through manual contract reviews on legacy systems that no longer worked as the rest of Jelly Belly scaled up. On more than one occasion, those manual processes failed and left teams scrambling as they missed important expiration dates or were forced to manually track clauses, overlooking key data.

After initially investing in one digital solution, the team found that the data they’d uploaded to that system was neither searchable nor trackable, which meant that reviewers were still wasting valuable time and money combing through contracts to find relevant provisions. On top of that, it took two months just to implement the new solution and an additional eight months to actually get up and running with all of the company’s contract data, so the team spent nearly a year continuing to waste time searching contract data manually while paying for an ineffective contract management solution. 

“We were wasting days trying to track down and review all of our contracts, and it was clear that the process just wasn’t efficient enough for our team. There were multiple teams looking for different clauses and expirations, and more than once team members found themselves in tricky situations because key dates and items were overlooked. For a company of our size and caliber, that’s unacceptable and we needed a better way to get the job done.”
Nancy Krystal

Something had to change. Jelly Belly needed a trusted partner that would help them track and manage contract data, find important details quickly, and efficiently generate new agreements based on existing or past relationships. Enter Evisort.

Making the shift to artificial intelligence

Although some on the Jelly Belly team were initially skeptical of adopting an artificial intelligence (AI) solution and the results Evisort promised, they were blown away by what they saw Evisort could do, practically overnight.

Evisort got to work right away to import Jelly Belly’s entire contract portfolio into the system. Within less than a month, the team was able to consolidate the multiple manual processes that had been in place. Evisort’s powerful AI helped them accelerate the business by freeing employees to focus on more pressing issues than document management.

With all of Jelly Belly’s contracts easily searchable and trackable in Evisort’s easy-to-access Contract Intelligence Platform, the team now has a single source of truth for its commercial agreements. Evisort has given every business unit at Jelly Belly the visibility it needs into specific provisions from every contract — from legal to licensing to supply chain considerations, and more. In addition, since Evisort doesn’t rely on outsourcing contract review to potentially untrained contractors or manual processes, the Jelly Belly team has regained trust and confidence in the accuracy of their data.

The Evisort difference

Evisort quickly helped the Jelly Belly team to identify key expiration and effective dates that had previously been buried in a pile of documents. The Contract Intelligence Platform also helped the team track specific clauses in response to new events: facing the onset of the pandemic, the Jelly Belly team used Evisort to expediently identify critical force majeure clauses throughout all of the company’s agreements, which would have otherwise taken a law firm weeks to do on the legal team’s behalf.

“Although some were initially skeptical of using AI because we had worked with other platforms in the past that didn’t perform well, our team was blown away with the difference Evisort made for every single person on our team. We had this eureka moment one day because Evisort’s platform could not only identify and extract the data we needed quickly, it also helped us in the drafting and negotiations of new contracts based on ones we’d used in the past. We saved valuable time that we could then devote to more complicated issues, and money, since we were no longer looking to outsource the work somewhere else. Evisort’s AI was an absolute game-changer for us.”
Nancy Krystal

Jelly Belly teams can now easily find all of the contract data they need in one central location, saving valuable time and resources that add up to major productivity and monetary gains. That data is now trackable and easily searchable thanks to Evisort’s comprehensive Contract Intelligence Platform, which continues to work in the background so that Jelly Belly’s legal, finance, and procurement teams are never again caught off guard by a missed deadline or key clause. With rote work all but eliminated, the team has more time to focus on their customers and big challenges, such as creating the newest market-leading flavor of jelly beans.

“We used to get bogged down trying to complete manual reviews of multiple contracts at a time. It took up valuable time digging up documents, coordinating who would review which part, and trying to track all of the data we needed readily available. We tried a solution that was just a contract repository, and it didn’t solve any of those issues for us. Then we switched to Evisort, and the difference was night and day. Now it’s easy to quickly find the documents and automatically track the data points we need, and to delegate each part of the review to just the right person. We’re able to assess every deal in its proper context when we negotiate a new contract, and we’re saving time and money in the process. Evisort is simply unlike anything that we’ve ever used before, and the results speak for themselves.”
Nancy Krystal
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