01 ——— Message From The Founders

Contract Management, Automated.

Built by lawyers and technologists, Evisort was founded to make life easier for attorneys, procurement officers, finance professionals and operations managers. We believe that every company should be able to easily track and access all of the data inside of its contracts.

We have lived and breathed the contract management problem through personal experience in law, consulting, and banking. One of us ran a $2 billion cross-border M&A out of an Outlook inbox and tracked negotiations on Excel. Another worked in mid-market private equity and reviewed thousands of documents manually. We understand the pain, and have made it our goal to solve it with the best technology possible.

After speaking with hundreds of general counsel, procurement officers, finance professionals, and IT managers, we’ve built a custom-tailored system that uses the latest advancements in AI to analyze and manage contracts automatically.

We’re excited to work with you to bring organization and automation to your contract repository, no matter how messy it is.

— Amine, Jerry, & Jake – Evisort Founders


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