Meeting of the Minds: Exploring Legal AI and the Future of Legal Ops

We’ve just launched a new podcast, "Meeting of the Minds - The Legal AI Podcast," where we’ll do exactly what the title promises: Hold in-depth conversations about artificial intelligence with leaders and innovators from in-house legal teams, legal operations, legal academia, procurement and sales contracting, and AI data sciences. 

With them, we’ll spotlight the potential of legal AI and the challenges involved, and how it can help legal and contracting professionals elevate efficiency, mitigate risk, spot hidden business opportunities, and drive real change across an organization.

This first episode dives into the transformative world of legal AI, focusing on the intersection of law, business, and technology.

Our hosts, Hal Marcus and Memme Onwudiwe, chat with Jenn McCarron, President of the Board of Directors at CLOC, the leading organization for corporate legal operations professionals, providing them with insights and best practices that are helping to drive change in the legal industry.

Exploring the evolution of legal operations

Jenn leads a discussion that explores the exciting future of legal operations, delving into its different phases, including the much-anticipated Legal Ops 3.0. This next phase emphasizes technology, data, and the power of storytelling.

Jenn shares her experiences at Netflix, highlighting the need for adaptability and embracing change in this ever-evolving field.

The discussion ranges beyond technology, though, emphasizing the importance of people skills in driving change, as Jenn sheds light on how storytelling with large data sets is the next critical skill for legal ops professionals.

So come prepared to hear an insightful conversation about the new horizons in legal operations and the role of AI in reshaping the legal landscape. 

Listen and share this new legal AI podcast

We’ve already got the next episode available as well, as we talk with Mike Haven, Head of Legal Operations at Intel, about his experiences and expectations around legal AI. 

Listen to both of them here and be sure to share Meeting of the Minds with your colleagues and contacts.

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