Meet the Evisort Team: Rachael McBrearty

November 29, 2022
In the “Meet the Evisort Team” series we introduce you to the team that makes the Evisort magic happen. This week, we take you one on one with Chief Customer Officer Rachael McBrearty.

In this series, we get to meet the team that makes the Evisort magic happen. This week, we talked with Chief Customer Officer Rachael McBrearty. Read on to find out about how Rachael’s background in graphic design impacts her work, why she’s so passionate about the human component of AI, and how she’s working to ensure that customer-centricity remains at the core of Evisort’s growth and company values.

What is your role at Evisort? 

As the Chief Customer Officer, I’m responsible for the teams that manage the relationship once a prospect becomes a customer. It’s also my responsibility to develop customer strategies that maximize the financial value for our customers. That’s primarily accomplished by ensuring the people, process, and technology are designed to deliver a brand-enhancing experience and ensure the clients get the maximum business value from our products. It also involves continuously gathering and analyzing customer data, using insights to continuously improve our products and services. 

Tell us about your career path. 

I started my career as a designer. I studied graphic design, which is all about projecting ideas and experience with visual and textual content. I learned how to convey complicated information from a campaign, product, book, or menu in a digestible way. That process is called design thinking — an approach using strategic and cognitive procedures to ensure the users’ needs and goals are at the center of the design.

I designed how-to books on travel, cooking, and exercise. I moved into software as an Information Architect, and helped develop some of the first web-enabled applications. I pioneered the use of digital, the internet, and wireless applications for my clients. I helped MasterCard and Nokia launch their mobile payment services and Prada roll out its first wireless store. I’ve always been fascinated by how to bridge the digital and the physical to help people seamlessly accomplish their goals. It was a natural progression from those types of roles to Chief Customer Officer, which applies design skills to organizations, analytics, products, and services with the goal of driving growth above industry standards. 

Why did you join Evisort?

There were two things that enticed me about Evisort:

First, I was working in the revenue operations space and was the host of the OpsStars Podcast, where I interviewed experts in marketing operations, sales operations, and customer success operations. While talking with my guests, I saw the huge potential for the application of Evisort’s technology to have an impact — not just for legal teams, but also for sales, services, and customer success. Contract data is at the core of the relationship between the company and its partner, suppliers, and customers. The Evisort product is built from a technology that has the potential to be applied to many use cases. For the customer experience, we enable quick responses and personalized journey interactions during the pre-signature, post-signature, expansion, and renewal phases, enabling faster time to revenue. 

Second, I could tell immediately that the founders had a lot of passion for building a next-generation company, striving to create an organization that sets the bar for how to take care of clients. To be a successful next-generation company requires the combination of an amazing product and a customer experience strategy that enables them to continue to be a great partner to clients as they scale. By nature, I’m an innovator and creator. After speaking with so many Evisort team members, I realized that the people on this team are my kind of people.

How would you describe the Evisort team and culture?

We are in a space that’s rapidly evolving. In this fast-changing environment, Evisort’s founders understand the importance of nurturing a culture of trust, collaboration, agility, and empathy. We’re trusted and encouraged to act when there’s an opportunity to test and learn quickly from the results. In this industry, it’s important to be okay with the idea that people’s ideas are sometimes going to fail. It’s also important to have leaders who are willing to listen to these ideas, try them, and then scale them quickly, if they’re effective. That’s what you find at Evisort.

What are the biggest challenges of your role?

We are growing so quickly and we’re really striving to build an organization that drives growth above industry standards. We want to continue to be able to be great partners and deliver an engaging experience to our clients as we scale. That’s not easy. We can automate many interactions, but we need to understand where opportunities for brand-enhancing touchpoints and experiences occur, then integrate human involvement at those points. AI is important, but the partnerships we have with our customers are invaluable. Humans are critical to ensuring we lead with empathy and build relationships.

What makes Evisort stand out from other places to work?

For me, personally, it’s an aligned leadership team that supports each other. It’s a team that knows the importance of enabling continuous innovation while staying focused on delivering a concrete plan for scaling the business. We agree on the major goals and milestones, we’re honest with each other on the state of things, and we rally to help when there’s a challenge. It’s awesome working with a leadership team that’s so aligned and collaborative. 

Where do you see contract technology five years from now?

I see contract technology evolving from contract analytics, enabling a linear workflow between humans and AI, where AI learns how to generate optimal contracts. In other words, machines will do the work of writing initial contracts and facilitating the negotiation process. A simple example might be the creation of a vendor agreement: the AI can take inputs from the company and potential vendors to come up with a contract that works for both parties. 

Even though contract data is so fundamental, we’re still in the early days of this technology — much of it has yet to be digitized. Think about it: contracts are everywhere — they’re involved in buying products and services, getting healthcare, or purchasing a house. Contracts are the communication vehicle between parties. They’re at the heart of enabling a successful value exchange. There is a huge opportunity to automate and proactively facilitate the delivery of contracts in a pervasive way.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I’m an avid gardener. I grew up on a ranch in New York where my neighbor taught me the basics of gardening. I got back into it in a big way during COVID, taking organic gardening classes to dust off and improve my skills. I’m planting my first winter garden right now with cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and many types of lettuce.

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