Evisort Named as a Business Intelligence Group 2023 Organization of the Year for Excellence in Customer Service

We are honored to announce that Evisort has won the 2023 Excellence in Customer Service Award for Organization of the Year, presented by Business Intelligence Group.

The Business Intelligence Group seeks out and rewards those with vision, creativity, and persistence, all hallmarks found in the world's leading companies and individuals across the globe. Through this award, they celebrate those who are winning by supporting their own customers and those who are developing the tools to help others find success.

For all of us, our customers always come first. As our Chief Customer Officer Rachael McBrearty shared, “At Evisort, we place huge importance on not only providing our customers with an exceptional product but exceptional service as well. Our customers trust us to create additional value while also acting as a partner and amplifying their voice within our organization. This recognition for Excellence in Customer Service is so encouraging as our team works to enable creative solutions with clients, new business partners, and technology systems.”

Acknowledging that Evisort customers represent a wide array of verticals, we built our customer support teams with professionals from a variety of industries–including financial technology, e-commerce, broadcast media, and more. Earning this award is particularly significant as it acts as a testimony to our commitment to providing our diverse users with world-class customer interactions.

We hold a huge sense of gratitude for our entire customer support organization as they set the bar for what customers should expect from enterprise AI software. 

Clients continually recognize Evisort’s customer support team for their impact. “The hits just keep on coming with this team,” said one executive at a professional services firm. “[Evisort’s customer support delivers] fast responses, accurate answers, good communication, and a familiarity with how the platform works and how people use it. Evisort wrote the book on solid customer support.”

Another power user at a global technology provider reported that they were “impressed how Evisort quickly assesses and addresses these types of large-scale support requests,” and later raved “THIS WAS SUPER FAST SUPPORT. THANKS!!”

With AI as the new paradigm, Evisort’s customer support team is setting the bar for what customers should expect from enterprise AI software. Learn more about how we support our customers and why Evisort was also recently named a Customers’ Choice in the 2023 Gartner® Peer Insights™ ‘Voice of the Customer’: Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM) report.

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