Introducing Intelligent Dashboarding, the First-Ever Dashboards that Automatically Visualize Contract Data in Minutes

We've added the first-ever, self-populating dashboards that instantly visualize contract data and summarize key metrics in the Evisort Contract Intelligence Platform - without manual data entry.

Evisort is adding self-populating data visualization, in-app redlining, and an enhanced Salesforce integration to its market-leading Contract Intelligence Platform.

We’re proud to share BIG product news. We’re adding the first-ever self-populating dashboards that instantly visualize contract data and summarize key metrics in the Evisort Contract Intelligence Platform — without manual data entry. It’s called Intelligent Dashboarding, and it’s game-changing.

True, there are plenty of dashboarding, analytics, and data visualization tools on the market. You probably use at least two, yourself. But none of them work out-of-the-box, and none of them instantly give you the ability to answer questions for executives and board members about all of your contracts — including third-party paper. Most contract lifecycle management (CLM) tools require you to export data via spreadsheets, then clean and load the data into another business intelligence (BI) tool where you’ll need to configure and manually update your graphs and tables. And if a CLM platform does offer dashboarding, it may take weeks or months to extract the data from your contracts to get the answers you need to run your business today. It’s a lot of work, and frankly, no one has time for that.

contract intelligence platform
Evisort’s new Intelligent Dashboarding interface

With Evisort, all you need are folders of scanned PDFs or Word docs — stored anywhere — and in literal minutes you can ingest your contracts and extract, organize, analyze, and visualize all that juicy business intelligence. Data privacy is baked-in, so the data in your dashboards are based on your unique user role and contract access. Intelligent Dashboarding enables you to share accurate and powerful charts that precisely drill down into information that quickly and confidently answers business questions, quantifies team productivity, and identifies bottlenecks in workflow processes.

Evisort workflow
Dashboard that shows stage and age details of contract requests by workflow

Because Intelligent Dashboarding is built on top of Evisort’s AI-powered contract analytics, you can ingest 10,000 contracts into Evisort on Monday and walk into a board meeting on Tuesday with interactive dashboards that show how many executed (and unsigned, too) vendor contracts you have, then drill down to find out which of them have governing law in California, or to identify pending deadlines so you can issue notices for upcoming expirations and renewals.
The use cases are endless. Deal with a lot of M&A? Intelligent Dashboarding makes it easy to analyze a target’s contract types, determine what percentage of their contracts are actually signed, and quickly search and sort by internal entities or counterparties.

Intelligent Dashboarding is fully integrated into Evisort’s platform and includes three dashboards — Documents, Expirations, and Workflow — that together enable users to filter and drill into contracts using dates, contract types, parties, jurisdictions, file and folder names, and other document data. You can cross-filter data by clicking on chart sections to quickly refine all of the charts by key characteristics, and then navigate directly to any document in your filtered data set. Here’s what each dashboard helps you dig into:


Summarizes and visualizes contract volume by party, execution status, contract type, language, and governing law. It even shows you how many duplicate files you have so that you know your true number of active agreements, not just a file count.


Summarizes and displays upcoming contract renewal notices and expiration dates, broken down by renewal type.


Displays a snapshot and aging report of your open workflow tickets, along with productivity metrics for CLM workflows. This dashboard lets you instantly know where all of your open tickets are, and shows you how your backlog, opening and closing rates, and average cycle lengths are trending over time.

New Negotiation and Collaboration tools

While dashboards and analytics help summarize data, answer key questions, and identify best practices and bottlenecks, Evisort’s new In-App Redlining tools help streamline negotiation and collaboration. In-App Redlining is fully integrated into Evisort’s Contract Intelligence Platform and works and feels like Microsoft Word, eliminating the need to download documents and lengthy email chains.

Evisort Dashboard redlining tools directly in the app
Evisort now provides familiar redlining tools directly in the app

In-App Redlining is included in Evisort’s CLM solution and enables users to view contracts, track changes, compare versions, edit documents, and tag and alert collaborators, all directly within the Evisort platform. And if you’re old-school and just love Microsoft Word or 365 too much, you can still download and collaborate as you always have. But because Evisort’s redlining looks and feels like Microsoft’s, you won’t know the difference.

Enhanced Salesforce Integration

Last but not least, we’re enhancing our integration with Salesforce to further accelerate deal cycle times and make it easy for sales reps to submit contract requests, start the deal approval process, monitor the contract status, and view key metadata without leaving the CRM platform. This integration builds on our existing functionality, which enables users to have Evisort extract data from contracts uploaded to Salesforce and then have that contract metadata synced back into Salesforce for reporting and analysis.

All this functionality, and more, will start rolling out to Evisort customers in the upcoming weeks through the end of the year. Stay tuned.

To learn more and hear from industry leaders, Evisort is hosting The Future of Contracting, a free virtual conference on November 9, 2021. New to Evisort? Check out our official website and request a demo to do a live test with your contracts.

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