Ask Anything, Track Everything – with Evisort’s Document X-Ray™

Evisort's newest release, Document X-Ray™, takes AI-native contract intelligence to new heights, offering unparalleled customization and insights.

Stop reading contracts, start knowing what’s in them

Contracts are the backbone of business, and knowing what’s in them helps organizations maximize revenue, reduce costs, and manage risks. At Evisort, we’ve been revolutionizing the way businesses analyze contracts since 2016.

Our newest release, Document X-Ray™, leverages enterprise-grade generative AI to provide organizations an unprecedented level of visibility into their contracts. While most contract AI offers only limited data extractions, Document X-Ray lets organizations fully customize their AI models to track every contract term that matters to them, automatically. The result is flexible, user-driven contract analysis tailored to businesses of any size or industry.

No code, no limits

Document X-Ray turns questions into AI models that automatically populate custom data fields across agreements. Not only does it extract data — including handwritten sections and data from tables — it can calculate dates and amounts, summarize complex terms for non-legal audiences, assign rankings and classifications, and more. This allows teams to create structured data points precisely as desired from their contracts, as well as from related transactional documents like order forms, SOWs, and invoices.

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Empowering legal teams with customizable AI

Document X-Ray dramatically expands Evisort's existing capabilities for user-customizable AI, which have been embraced by premier corporations like Microsoft, BNY Mellon, Workday, and NetApp to track tens of millions of unique contract clauses. Said Microsoft's Senior Director of Legal Operations, “Evisort makes it simple for our teams to train custom algorithms so we can react quickly as our compliance needs change.” With Document X-Ray, companies can go beyond clauses and track terms at any level of granularity, ushering in a new era of possibilities. 

Optimize business processes

Having total visibility into their contract data allows organizations to uncover untapped revenue opportunities within customer and partner contracts, reduce costs by identifying redundancies in vendor agreements, and fully leverage financial benefits like rebates and discounts. Document X-Ray further enables cash flow management by providing a deep understanding of payment terms and schedules, and streamlines compliance by monitoring terms that impact regulatory audits and risk profiling.

Share contract data across the business

The ability to share structured contract data with connected enterprise systems — from ServiceNow, to Sharepoint, to SAP Ariba and hundreds more — further enhances the value of Document X-Ray. Even other contract lifecycle management (CLM) tools can benefit from the enriched data Evisort delivers, so teams are empowered with actionable data in the tools they use every day.

Document X-Ray leverages Evisort's proprietary AI orchestration engine and contract-specific large language model (LLM), in addition to leading third-party LLMs. Designed with responsible AI principles, it protects data privacy, fosters transparency, and minimizes the possibility of hallucinations and inaccuracies so teams can act with confidence.

Document X-Ray is poised to reshape the landscape of contract management and analysis with its unparalleled customizability, flexibility, and deep insights. Evisort remains at the forefront of contract intelligence, committed to empowering our customers with innovative solutions that drive success.

Want to learn more? Join us at our webinar on Thursday, January 25 to see what Document X-Ray can do for your organization.

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