Enterprise Wide CMS

Enterprise Wide Contract Life Cycle Management

The Evisort Platform provides Enterprise Level clients with all the tools they need to manage contracts, reduce risk, and store data securely. Our centralized repository communicates with all of your existing systems, making setup a breeze across your entire organization. With unlimited reporting and robust search based on a variety of criteria, Evisort ensures you stay on top of audit/compliance requests, key deadlines, and the revenue recognition process.

Contract Lifecycle Management

A Centralized Repository for Contracts

Evisort connects different data silos into one central source of truth.

Audit & Compliance Assistance

Our AI can identify language, pricing information, and other data in contracts that indicate a lack of compliance with governmental, industry, and internal standards. Automatically generate reports on non-compliant contracts and build approval workflows to ensure future compliance.

Manage and Search Through All Your Documents and Contracts.

Search across all your storage environments from one centralized platform. Check everything, from vendor and sales contracts, to employment agreements, to SOWs, to purchase orders and amendments.

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