Automate your entire contracting process from a single platform.

Evisort integrates across all platforms, and creates a single source of truth about your contracts, using AI to automate the difficult work.

Evisort Contract Analysis Software

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Never miss a contract deadline again.

We automatically track your expiring contracts, helping you be aware of when contracts expire or auto-renew.


Avoid wasting time looking for contracts.

We sync with all repositories where contracts may be located, then automatically generate metadata across all your documents through AI.


Find key contract information in seconds.

AI automatically categorizes clauses, labels them, and then puts them at your fingertips.

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Contract Management Whitepaper

Supply Chain Management — Procurement & AI

Evisort and the CCPA

How AI Is Revolutionizing Contract Management and the Legal Industry.

Designed For Application in Your Industry.

We designed our platform to solve the contract workflow of a variety of industries.


We track clauses, tell you what contracts have risk, flag non-standard provisions, and automate redlining. Easily create reports and perform side by side comparison on all of your contract language and clauses.


We analyze all of your vendor contracts in seconds and allow you to manage them in one place. We can identify key risks, contract expirations, payment terms, and more.


We can help you stay on top of audit and compliance requests, streamline revenue recognition with robust searching and reporting, and manage all of your contracts on a single platform.

Our Mission — To Make Your Contract Work Faster and Easier.

No one should have to manually track a contract. Our team of lawyers and data scientists came together to automate this deeply important, tedious task so that you can go back to doing what matters instead of tracking and entering data fields in excel.

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