Four IT Shifts Successful Companies Are Making

Evolving business needs and market conditions have forced organizations to reconsider how they use technology to keep every part of their enterprise aligned. Forward-thinking CEOs and CIOs are taking a differentiated approach: they’re changing the way their IT teams function to unleash the power of IT.

Moving away from traditional IT models, these changes allow for teams across the business to be more agile and productive, accelerate go-to-market efforts, and increase customer satisfaction. If these goals resonate with your priorities, consider implementing these strategies in your own organization.

1. Give IT Organizations Visibility into Technology Contracts

During the pandemic, companies needed digital solutions as everyone began working from home, and they needed them fast–virtually overnight. To expedite the procurement of these solutions, IT budgets were allocated to lines of business and business functions to empower them to evaluate, choose, and contract for their own technologies. Since then, this proliferation of technology has reached a point at which IT teams no longer have full visibility into the cyber risk profile and technology stack across the company. 

In response, companies are taking stock of existing technology-related contracts to understand which are large and/or risky enough to warrant management under IT’s purview, but it is a hefty lift to centralize all relevant contracts that have proliferated over the past 3+ years. Centralizing contracts with AI analysis can be the first step to a better understanding of the organization’s risk profile overall.

2. Empower Connected IT Departments

Often, a project, proposal, or task lands at the IT department and stalls because most IT teams often don’t have the bandwidth to efficiently manage the asks of the entire company in a timely manner.

Instead of isolating IT departments and tapping their resources only when technology problems arise, consider moving to working processes that allow for smaller working teams made up of relevant business stakeholders and IT experts. With the right solutions, IT can still bring value to projects while not being the sole head of the project. 

For example, a tiger team of legal and IT professionals can oversee a contract management solution jointly. This type of tight collaboration helps improve communications between employees, decreases project delays, and supports broader business objectives.

3. Be Smart When Exploring New Solutions

When examining cloud-based technology solutions, make sure your IT teams are focusing on a few major factors. 


Too often, demonstrations or trials limit users to test the product at a small fraction. Those same users are then frustrated when they invest in the product and find out it doesn’t have the capacity to work for them at scale. 

This is not uncommon when testing CLM solutions. Products are demonstrated using a small sample of agreements, but end up being unable to handle the thousands of documents users need to upload in order to get value from the solution.

Opt for technology solutions that prove from the start that they can handle your business needs effectively and efficiently.


For all the benefits they offer, cloud-based solutions come with additional concerns surrounding security. To keep your business safe, it’s vital to examine the security measures taken by prospective technology providers.

Before committing to a solution, ask about the solution's perimeter model, the architecture used to design the solution, and all relevant questions about data privacy measures.

4. Choose No-Code or Low-Code Solutions

If we’re being honest, while IT professionals are meant to provide technical help to team members across the organization, they shouldn’t have to spend days re-coding solutions so they’re able to be used by other teams.

When having your company’s IT team evaluate prospective technology solutions, opt for no-code programs. It also helps to choose solutions that easily integrate with your existing tech stack so your solutions–contract management, sell-side contract generation, and e-signature service–connect to streamline workflows and boost productivity.

This makes it significantly easier for employees using those solutions every day to get the most out of the program–decreasing stress and increasing time-to-value for the investment. 

Plus, it’s one less ticket for IT to see come through their inbox–and we can all agree that’s a great thing.

Improving Your Organization Through Smarter IT Tactics

As business needs evolve, it is necessary to examine current IT strategies and identify areas ripe for improvement. By being mindful of ways you can leverage your IT professionals and technology solutions, you can set up your organization for better agility, efficiency, and overall success.

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