Evisort + ServiceNow: Streamlining Contract Service Delivery Across the Enterprise

ServiceNow and Evisort share a common goal: conquering inefficient, error-prone, manual contract processes.

ServiceNow has built a customer base of over 7,700 enterprises by digitizing and automating siloed processes, allowing employees to work how they want to, not how software dictates they must. Known initially for streamlining IT service delivery, ServiceNow supports a range of specialized business departments.

Evisort provides the industry’s best contract AI, empowering legal teams to deliver better, more efficient contract services. With APIs for both contract intelligence and pre-signature workflow capabilities, Evisort has been integrated with systems used by a wide range of business departments.

It is no surprise that two industry leaders, Evisort and ServiceNow, would integrate workflows to deliver the benefits of intelligent contract operations and AI-powered contract analytics to every employee across the enterprise.

Together, Evisort and ServiceNow allow employees to:

Accelerate Contracting

Efficiency and speed are vital in today’s legal landscape. ServiceNow’s Legal Service Delivery simplifies legal intake and fulfillment alongside innovative legal practice applications to accelerate business outcomes. Empowered by Evisort’s enterprise-grade AI, ServiceNow’s Legal Service Delivery makes it easier for business teams to act on contract obligations.

Leveraging this integration, legal teams are now empowered with the information they need to efficiently and quickly deliver contracting services to any business team.

Deliver Total Visibility

Forward-thinking leaders know that contracts are not just documents; they are data.

Purpose-built and trained on over 11 million contracts, Evisort’s proprietary AI has extracted over a billion data points for enterprises to gain total visibility into their agreements and deliver actionable insights on the data within.

Connecting critical contract data to ServiceNow in real-time allows teams to:

  • Track obligations and renewals
  • Find revenue opportunities
  • Manage strategic relationships

By understanding and managing obligations, relationships, and exposure, organizations can gain a competitive edge and have the first-mover advantage against competitors.

Reach Employees Where They Work

Forget requiring teams to bounce between multiple interfaces to get the legal contracting service they need. With Evisort and ServiceNow, sales, procurement, M&A, HR, corporate development, IT, Risk, and other teams across the business can securely access contract-related services and data whenever and wherever they need them. There’s no need to learn or log into additional systems.

Evisort’s AI capabilities enhance ServiceNow’s self-service tools, enabling customers to drive greater operational efficiency, make informed business decisions and achieve greater levels of agility in today’s ever-evolving market.

- Product Management Director, VP of Product Marketing at Evisort

As economic, regulatory, and geopolitical changes continue to challenge the legal space, ServiceNow’s workflows, enhanced by Evisort’s AI-powered contract management, support any business team in gaining the answers needed to make more impactful decisions and deliver greater value to the business.

Find Evisort in the ServiceNow App Store and begin transforming your contract delivery processes today.

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