Evisort Announces Automation Hub, Supercharging Contract Intelligence Capabilities

July 19, 2022

AI-powered CLM platform Evisort extends its industry-leading AI capabilities, offers more powerful search and improved document management experience.

Evisort Announces Automation HubTM, Supercharging Contract Intelligence Capabilities

AI-powered CLM platform extends its industry-leading AI capabilities, offers more powerful search and improved document management experience

SAN MATEO, Calif. - July 19, 2022 - Evisort, the no-code Contract Intelligence Platform loved by legal, procurement, and sales operations teams worldwide, today announced the upcoming release of Automation Hub and several other product updates to supercharge the Evisort platform’s search function and user experience. The new capabilities are available starting July 20.

Automation Hub will enable anyone to easily train Evisort’s proprietary, contract-focused AI to recognize clauses unique to their business with just a handful of examples — no coding experience necessary. The AI allows users to easily find and report on unique provisions within their company’s contract portfolio, leading to improved workflows, accelerated deals, and faster answers to important contract questions.

Historically, contracting teams had to manually review contracts word for word to understand if certain provisions exist. With Automation Hub, anyone can turn their contracts into insights without expensive outsourced review to track the provisions their business needs.

In addition to Automation Hub, Evisort users will benefit from:

  • Advanced search: The new search function provides an even more intuitive, powerful search experience, similar to that of Google’s search engine. Advanced search supercharges the impact of turning contracts into searchable data by delivering actionable intelligence, providing faster access to contract information.
  • New document groups experience: Evisort’s new document groups quickly associate contracts through logical relationships, making it simple to understand agreements in context of historical data, counterparties, effective dates, and obligations — delivering a more efficient, data-rich document management experience.
  • New document viewer experience with PDF preview and commenting: The new document viewing experience makes it possible to search for and link to key clauses and fields directly in an original PDF document, enabling a more intuitive search and review experience.

“It’s more important than ever in this economic downturn for companies to know what’s in their contracts, yet so few can do so easily today,” said Amine Anoun, Chief Technology Officer at Evisort. “Evisort’s goal has always been to democratize artificial intelligence. We believe you shouldn’t need a data science degree to benefit from the power of AI, and Automation Hub is built so anyone can use it without writing a line of code.”

The enhancements included in this product launch allow users to manage documents more easily and intuitively, collaborating directly within Evisort for optimal efficiency. Evisort is changing the contract management market by making it possible for teams to quickly extract actionable intelligence from business contracts in a scalable, economical way.

"Evisort's AI helps Netflix find and visualize key contract information quickly,” said Jenn McCarron, Director of Legal Operations and Technology at Netflix. “Evisort is easy to train yet powerful enough to automate manual time-consuming projects.”

“Using Evisort's AI, Jelly Belly can better understand our contractual obligations and search for our own contract language with astounding accuracy,” said Nancy Krystal, In-House Counsel at Jelly Belly Candy Company. “Evisort has saved my team countless hours of manual work and has surfaced critical insights for our business.”

Join Evisort’s monthly demo on Thursday, July 28th, to see these latest product innovations in action:

Evisort recently secured $100M in Series C funding and is committed to empowering legal, procurement, operations, and finance teams with contract intelligence for better business outcomes. For more information about Evisort, visit, call (888) 384-7678, email, or connect with us on LinkedIn or Twitter.




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