Previewing CLOC 2024: The Sessions You Must Not Miss!

May 2, 2024

Every year, CLOC Global Institute is an occasion for celebration – of the growth and advancement of the legal operations profession, and of the innovations that are helping propel that growth.

So, no wonder it’s held in a place that’s made itself synonymous with good times, Las Vegas.

But what happens in Vegas at CGI doesn’t stay in Vegas, at least not when it comes to the best practices, real-world expertise and technologies shared during the event. Every year, attendees walk away with new learnings and solutions helping them make legal ops a more important contributor to the success of their organizations.

CLOC Global Institute 2024 is no exception. That’s why we’ll be there. Below, we’re spotlighting some of the sessions from the full agenda where we think attendees will find real value and insight if they’re looking to make the most of the new tools and techniques that are impacting the future of legal ops. 

“Change My View: Gen AI Is Overrated” 

This promises to be an outstanding conversation: Jerry Ting, CEO and Co-Founder of Evisort, sits down with Mike Haven, Head of Legal Operations at Intel and Jenn McCarron, President of CLOC, for a timely and critical discussion on generative AI's impact on legal operations. 

They’ll aim to demystify the capabilities and limitations of AI in legal fields, moving beyond the hype to explore its real-world applications and shortcomings. By examining case studies and sharing experiences, they’ll reveal the nuanced effects of AI on legal operations, challenging the notion that it's a one-size-fits-all solution.

“Analytics to Action: Unlocking Contract Data To Accelerate the Speed of Business” 

NetApp enhanced its legal operations by partnering with KP Labs (now Harbor), utilizing Evisort's AI-powered contract analytics and Mitratech TAP's workflow automation. In this Discovery Lab session, see how this collaboration sig​​nificantly cut down manual effort and costs, sped up processes, and maintained high-quality legal services, making project outcomes more predictable. 

The speakers will include representatives from Harbor, Mitratech, NetApp, and Evisort’s own Hal Marcus, showcasing how they worked together to enable this transformative journey.

“Outtakes From Outside Counsel Management: Go Behind the Scenes With UBS’s John Burke”

When you’ve got to source outside counsel, which of your firms is going to be up to the task? This session on the Solution Lab track promises to give a behind-the-scenes peek into how a real-world legal operations team decides on who gets an assignment, presented by John Burke, Global Head of Outside Counsel Management for UBS – somebody who knows a thing or two on the topic. 

He’ll be joined by panelists from PERSUIT, a SaaS provider specializing in legal RFP technology. They’ll explore the strategies and data that go into making a choice among outside counsel, what to tell the winners (and the losers), and how in-house lawyers really feel about competitively sourcing outside firms.

“Diversity, Data, and Dashboards”

Diversity Lab's DEI experts will be running this Skill Builder workshop, designed to help legal operations professionals apply their expertise to interpreting and taking action on DEI data to drive more inclusiveness in outside counsel teams. The session will hone in on tangible tools that can help support an organization’s pursuit of data-driven outside counsel DEI.

They’ll show how to collect the most impactful DEI data from outside counsel, how to visualize it, and communicate data outcomes with those firms and business partners.

“Kicking off a Metrics and Analytics Program”

Amanda Hashfield from Intel leads an interactive Skill Builder workshop on initiating a Legal Analytics program, offering insights from her experience, practical solutions, and valuable tools. The session is intended to guide attendees through the early stages of developing a Metrics and Analytics program, presenting real-life examples, key learnings, and strategies for growth. 

It's designed for anyone who’s looking to implement a data-driven approach in legal settings, regardless of their prior experience.

“LinkedIn: Not Just a Resume Builder, Elevate Your Career”

This panel will feature prominent legal tech social media influencers from Civix (Brittany Leonard), LawTrades (Matt Margolis), and Latitude (Alex Su) in a useful discussion about using LinkedIn to its fullest potential in the legal industry. They’ll share their own experiences, cover the benefits and challenges of content creation, and explain how to enhance your professional skills to thrive in the dynamic legal landscape, regardless of what stage you’re at in your career.

“General Session: Recharged & Experimenting with Our Future”

The grand finale of this year’s CLOC Global Institute looks to be memorable, kicking off with a keynote presentation about the transformative impact of future trends on the legal ecosystem. An onstage panel discussion will follow, featuring a diverse lineup of legal thought leaders and moderated by Jenn McCarron. They’ll share their varied perspectives and rich insights from their diverse backgrounds, and will supply an insightful and inspiring conclusion to the 2024 event.

These are just a few of the many sessions on tap at CLOC Global Institute 2024. Check out the agenda to see just how wide-ranging and exciting the event will be for the legal operations community.

Coming to CLOC Global Institute 2024? Come visit us at Booth 517!

We’ll be there to explain how our AI-native Contract Intelligence Platform is being embraced by legal operations teams at some of the biggest and most successful organizations in the world. 

Of course, we’ll be grateful for the chance to show how it could benefit your team, too. Set up a conversation with us if you’re interested!

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