Meet the Evisort Team: Tony de Leon

In the “Meet the Evisort Team” series we introduce you to the team that makes the Evisort magic happen. This week, we’re chatting with Tony de Leon, Director of Business Development.

In this series, you get to meet the team that makes the Evisort magic happen. This week, we’re chatting with Tony de Leon, Director of Business Development. Read on to see how Tony overcomes industry challenges, stays inspired by leadership, and envisions Evisort transforming the legal industry.

Can you share a bit about your role?

The role of a BDR Director in a SaaS company is to oversee and lead the Business Development Representatives (BDR) team. I’m responsible for setting and driving the BDR team's strategy and goals to generate qualified leads and opportunities for the sales team. 

As BDR Director, I establish and optimize the BDR processes, workflows, and metrics to ensure efficient prospecting and pipeline development. I also collaborate closely with sales and marketing leaders to align BDR efforts with overall revenue goals and contribute to the company's growth.

What made you decide to join Evisort?

Joining Evisort was an easy choice for me. To say that there is an abundance of SaaS products in the market is an understatement. Evisort stood out because we’re building an ecosystem where contract data isn’t just stored but actually understood. What otherwise takes months and millions to accomplish, we enable it to be done in seconds. Evisort is creating a truly impactful category of CLM.

How would you describe the Evisort team and culture?

I think everyone works in an “Owner/Operator” mode. Everyone has a piece of ownership within the company.  Everyone is really moved and passionate about the process of what we're doing.

We're one of the very select few companies, I would say, that is always refining their processes and wanting to improve and better. I don’t think anyone at Evisort will really settle for just normal. Everyone wants to build the best processes and experiences possible for each part of the business.

What are the biggest challenges of your role?

I think the biggest challenge of my role is the constant adapting to the landscape. We're always learning something that's new about the space that we're selling into, and it’s a competitive market. 

It’s sitting down and really thinking, “How do we ensure that we’re ahead of the curve and in the conversation before our competitors?” then taking that and executing it.

What makes Evisort stand out from other places to work?

We foster growth. Sure, it’s quite a ride, but what you learn and the intelligent people you rub shoulders with is unparalleled. You don't typically see a lot of folks at the executive level, pulling their sleeves up and willing to help you in any way they can, yet our leadership is always there to help us however they can.

Our team is also made up of really smart people with impressive backgrounds, and we're very proactive about the changes that we need to make. We don’t just go through the trends with other folks. We're working to be a step ahead, and I think that's what's keeping us unique. We're looking for that competitive edge all the time.

I also think the level of freedom we’re given at Evisort is extremely unique to have. We're all empowered to be our own department leaders, as BDRs. Individual BDRs can be empowered to build their own processes and go back and push back on certain things that don’t make sense. We're open to feedback, and I love that about us.

What do you like to do when you're not at work?

I have a three-year-old German Shepherd, and he keeps my wife and me busy. I love being in the outdoors where I can travel in the unpaved 4x4 routes. I’ve also done over 10 ghost tours and love scary movies. On that note, I can argue that The Lord of the Rings is one of the best series ever. 

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