Meet the Evisort Team: Ope Adebanjo

In the “Meet the Evisort Team” series we introduce you to the team that makes the Evisort magic happen. This week, we take you one-on-one with Senior Strategic Consultant Ope Adebanjo.

In this series, we get to meet the team that makes the Evisort magic happen. This week, we talked with Senior Strategic Consultant Ope Adebanjo. Read on to find out why Ope loves working at Evisort, how she approaches teamwork and collaboration with colleagues (hint: it’s all about cross functionality), and her predictions on how AI contracting technology will change the legal industry. 


1. Talk a bit about your role at Evisort. 

I joined Evisort almost two years ago as a Solutions Architect and I’m now a Senior Strategic Consultant. Within my current role, I work alongside sales engineering, and provide product knowledge and industry experience. I focus specifically on legal operations and solve specific challenges within that area. A typical day involves the sales team building relationships with potential customers on a high level. If the customer has specific technical needs or questions, I am brought into the conversation to provide technical assistance to help configure the platform to each customer. 

2. What made you decide to join Evisort?

I went to law school and knew I loved solving problems, but I wanted a more business-centered role. Along the way, I heard about Evisort and I loved the uniqueness about a startup and the opportunity to innovate. The possibilities to solve a problem are endless and you are able to work on so many different things. The company was still in its early stages when I joined and it really enticed me to be able to get my hands dirty in so many different areas.

3. How would you describe the Evisort team and culture?

When I first started at Evisort, I was a part of the Solutions team. It was very collaborative since we were all figuring things out together. The product was growing and there was something new to learn everyday. We really had to lean on each other to work together, even cross functionally. Over the years, I still think that is true. Everyone is open to working with you.

Today, everyone is definitely more specialized now. Instead of trying to learn the product changes everyday, I’m learning new things from these more specialized people. Evisort is collaborative to its core and it’s cool to see how we’ve progressed yet stayed the same. 

4. What are the biggest challenges of your role?

I have a lot of client demos and I only have one hour to get their full attention. The platform is so exciting and there is so much to talk about. However, I have to hit the highlights and sometimes that’s hard because I could talk for hours about how great our product is! 

I also think keeping up with the industry is challenging. Legal tech changes constantly because it’s an emerging area. It also spans across so many different industries. I’m constantly learning about new things that lawyers are doing, while also trying to stay abreast of what’s new in the healthcare and entertainment industries, for instance. Keeping track of all verticals can be daunting sometimes. But it’s also really exciting. No day is the same. 

5. What makes Evisort stand out from other places to work?

There is this really cool element of having your voice heard in different conversations. At some companies, you sometimes find that nothing really moves forward if you don’t have that senior title.  At Evisort, someone can start on Monday, and they will already start being asked about their thoughts on how we can do better. There is always room for people to share ideas as we consider what comes next. It’s like everyone has a little bit of ownership in the company. 

6. Where do you see contracting technology five years from now?

Five years feels like 100 years in this space! Every month, things are changing. The biggest thing would be the advancement of AI. We will be focusing on negotiating contracts – creating risk playbooks and fallback provisions in a smart way. 

There is so much data to be used and analyzed! In the future, I see contracting entailing using that data and creating a “superbeast AI” that makes lawyers more empowered to negotiate. I’m excited to have all that information turned into insights and the platform giving suggestions based on the data. 

7. What else should interested candidates know about Evisort?

The flexibility of having a remote workforce is really cool. It’s great getting to work from where you want. It essentially makes you more effective without all the commuting and traffic. I like being a part of a remote workforce.

I mentioned earlier about how collaborative we are at Evisort and how we work as one team. I think it’s important to really drive that home. Understanding how your role fits within the overall structure is important. To understand that interplay and how the dynamics work, I suggest speaking to someone from each of the multiple teams that you will work with. It’s so fascinating to learn about that.

8. What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I love to play and watch tennis! I really enjoyed watching the U.S. Open this year. I also love to read. It’s insane how much I’ve read this year. I’m looking to join or create a book club.

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