How Evisort’s AI powers pre-signature workflows and custom dashboards

To make informed decisions about your business, you need reliable data about your business agreements, whether you’re looking at a first draft on the other party’s template or tracking key points across thousands of signed contracts.

That’s why Evisort’s AI capabilities bring you the insights you need across all your contracts, old and new — with AI in pre-signature and dynamic custom dashboards.

AI in pre-signature contract workflows

When negotiating the best terms for your business, you need quick access to core information about what’s in the draft agreement in front of you. Evisort’s best-in-class AI delivers critical insights for in-flight contracts by helping legal teams quickly spot risks hidden in contract language, propose edits, and share vital information about the contract’s terms with stakeholders across the business. This level of visibility and control is especially important when you’re preparing to negotiate over third-party paper. 

With Evisort, you can efficiently identify and address non-standard language and other risks by:

  • Reviewing a list of key clauses identified by Evisort’s AI, side-by-side with the full draft 
  • Homing in on any identified clause in the draft contract by clicking in the clause list
  • Updating the AI-identified clause list automatically as you make edits to the contract

AI in pre-signature provides quick access to extracted data about proposed terms, helping you get to signature faster with peace of mind that you’ve addressed business-critical points.

Custom dashboards

Once everyone’s signed on the dotted line, you need to keep track of what you agreed to — across all of your active contracts. Evisort’s custom dashboards make it easier to do just that.

Custom dashboards let you track the precise contract data you need with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop dashboard creation and organization. You can create and save elegant, visualized charts and reports tailored to your legal and business priorities.

Notably, we’ve built custom dashboards around Evisort’s powerful Advanced Search to help you quickly pinpoint specific data within your contract portfolio. With saved search capabilities and custom dashboards, you can always get right to the data you care about most and rest assured that it’s up to date.

Evisort’s custom dashboards help you innovate your contract management practices by:

  • Getting straight to the exact contract data that each team needs
  • Answering highly specific questions on demand with executive-ready reports
  • Tracking key data points over time by reviewing saved dashboard layouts

With custom dashboards, it’s easier than ever to find savings opportunities in vendor contracts, untapped revenue opportunities in customer contracts, out-of-compliance data privacy language, or answers to any other contract question that may arise over time.

Email-based review and in-app PDF conversion

Our goal is always to deliver the best possible contract management experience for legal, procurement, operations, and business stakeholders. In addition to expanding Evisort’s AI throughout pre- and post-signature stages, we also allow for email-based review and in-app PDF conversion. 

Email-based review means you can quickly review and approve contract updates directly from the email notification, without having to log in to Evisort. 

In-app PDF conversion means that when you receive a PDF from another party, you can edit the document right in Evisort – with no extra steps, downloads, or third-party software required.

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