Welcome to Evisort’s new era

We are thrilled to unveil Evisort’s most recent step in building the next generation of contract intelligence – our reimagined brand. Starting today, Evisort will embody a new look and tone in our website, our products, and our communications.

Building a brand for the future

A brand is so much more than colors and crayons; for Evisort, it is our company’s holistic presence and how we show up in the world – everything that our customers, our team, and the public see and interact with every day. Rebranding signifies the start of Evisort’s new chapter, with generative possibilities and visionary leadership.

Embarking on this rebrand has allowed us to modernize Evisort’s presence and create a unified, thoughtful experience for everyone who engages with us. It has been a full-company marathon; we have tapped ideas and expertise from all facets of the business, as well as from our customers, industry analysts, partners, and media influencers. All of these important areas of our industry and company have added their voices to the Evisort story because it is the future of legal’s story. The rebrand reminded us to honor our past, forge deeper connections with the users we empower, and use what we discovered to build a solid foundation for the future.

“Building this new brand to unify Evisort’s past, present, and future has been deeply transformative for us as a growing company,” said Evisort Chief Marketing Officer Michaela Dempsey. “Together with our customers and industry luminaries, we look forward to pushing this next generation of contract intelligence further than ever before.”

A new look

Our new logo is a distinct departure from the previous one. Its stylized “E”, composed of three sparks of white light on a black background, pays tribute to the company’s three founders: CEO Jerry Ting, CTO Amine Anoun, and COO Jake Sussman. The trio, who met while attending Harvard Law and MIT, founded Evisort in 2016. The tri-colored, animated “spark” design featured on our website likewise recognizes the three founders, but also represents the company’s continuous quest to seek out new ideas for revolutionizing legal operations and connecting contract data across organizations.

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A new tone

Our tone will change, too, but that change will be subtle. We’ve always been customer-focused, but our new brand emphasizes our commitment. We won’t just share tips, insights, and innovations, we will explore how the tips lead to best practices and real examples of customers’ success. Customers will know that they can rely on us to help them become the hero in their business story. “It’s as if I have electricity running through my veins when I'm tackling huge projects with Evisort,” said a procurement leader at Keller Williams. “Time and time again, I have executives come to me with important problems that are hard to solve, and with Evisort’s AI platform, I feel like a superhero because I can surface the necessary data quickly.”

A new feel

Customers will experience the new brand reflected in Evisort’s login and navigation bar, and the functionality of the platform will be consistent with how customers have always used it to drive value for their business. “During the rebranding process, Evisort defined our mantra as: helping the business world make and keep its promises,” said Evisort Chief Customer Officer Rachael McBrearty. “By improving usability, yet keeping our platform functionality consistent, we’re ensuring minimal change and ensuring Evisort continues to be easy to implement, easy to train, and easy to use.”

Our commitment to our customers

Since our founding, Evisort has focused on bringing innovations to contract lifecycle management, making the jobs of legal professionals and operations easier by improving efficiency, workflows, and accuracy.  

Evisort’s vision hasn’t changed. As always, our team of technology and industry experts are focused on the future of connected data. On December 18, 2022, Evisort announced the industry’s first generative AI for contract drafting and negotiation. The innovation from Evisort AI Labs delivers transparent, explainable contract recommendations that drive decision-making and speed contract execution. Large language models teach the AI to draft, redline and negotiate contracts automatically. This new capability saves time and lets lawyers focus on more strategic tasks. 

“Evisort’s new brand helps customers re-imagine contract lifecycle management through a purpose-built AI-platform that automates and improves their decision making processes,” said Evisort Chief Marketing Officer Michaela Dempsey. “Together, we look forward to building this next generation of AI-powered contract intelligence that will help to manage risk, reduce costs, and improve legal performance — at the speed required today.”

Evisort also created the industry’s first smart OCR AI with multi-language capabilities and expanded its clause library to help customers accelerate end-to-end contracting. In 2022, Evisort became the first AI-native CLM company to be certified for both ISO 27001 for information security and ISO 27701 for privacy.

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