Evisort Summit: Growth, Innovation, and the Future of Contract Intelligence

June 23, 2022
Evisort, the leading provider of AI for contracts, hosted its first-ever company summit. Learn more about the event and the Evisort team here.

Last week marked a long-awaited milestone for Evisort. For the first time ever, Evisort hosted a three-day company summit for in-person and remote attendees. It was the first time we brought together our rapidly growing company for a face-to-face gathering since Evisort went fully remote in 2021.

In early 2020, Evisort was a smaller team growing our best-in-class AI platform for contracts from our headquarters in the Bay Area. We had just closed our Series A in December 2019, and the team was concentrated in one geographic location.

Heading into the summit mid-2022, Evisort was in a very different position. After closing a $35 million Series B in February 2021, we doubled both our revenue and our employee headcount well before the end of the year. Evisort then gave all employees, both existing and new, the option to work from anywhere — permanently. We followed that by closing our $100 million Series C and winning 14 Stevie Awards this spring, just weeks before the big get-together.

Those are some pretty significant growth milestones. At the summit, we got to reflect on how far we’ve come and share the excitement for what’s to come. All of our team members — even some who hadn’t officially started yet — had the chance to hear directly from the founding team and long-time employees about the Evisort origin story.


Andrea Armanino moderates a panel discussion with Riley Hawkins, Xin “Derek” Li, Jake Sussman, Jerry Ting, Amine Anoun, Memme Onwudiwe, and Elie Wahnoun.

Better still, though, we learned about exciting new developments that are just around the corner as Evisort continues to revolutionize contract management and analytics for businesses throughout every industry. We’re proud of the strong, collaborative work culture we’ve built as a geographically dispersed team, so we took some time to reflect on what Evisort’s values mean to each of us. We also took advantage of our time together to come even closer through team planning and bonding activities, including scavenger hunts and similar games.

Evisort has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time, but this is just the beginning. Going forward, we’ll continue to augment our market-leading contract AI with new features that protect, scale, and accelerate business.

We’ll do that by investing in our platform and doubling down on innovation. How? We’ll continue to add to and develop our world-class team. We’ll also continue to work directly with our customers to produce a contract intelligence platform that puts critical data at their fingertips while making it easier to work with teammates and business counterparts across the table.

All of the Evisort team members who came to the summit pose for a group photo.

Evisort is always looking for bright, passionate people to join our team. Explore Evisort’s open roles to see whether one of them is right for you.

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Find out how


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Test Evisort on your own contracts to see how you can save time, reduce risk, and accelerate deals.