Evisort Leaders Return to Harvard Law School to Teach Startup Entrepreneurship and Innovation

For the second year in a row, Evisort founder and CEO Jerry Ting and VP Memme Onwudiwe will be returning to their alma mater, Harvard Law School, to teach the reading group, “Startup Entrepreneurship and Innovations in Legal Technology” from March 28  to April 6.

The class, which is designed for students interested in pursuing entrepreneurial careers, will focus on strategy and methods of entrepreneurship. Ting and Onwudiwe aim to show students that they don’t need to have an MBA or a law license to start their own company.

Through guest lecturers, case studies, and supplemental readings, Ting and Onwudiwe will offer students alternative roadmaps to success that don’t necessarily involve stopovers at law firms. “When you choose to go to law school, it usually means you have a pretty good idea of the career you’re going to build and how you’re going to get there,” Onwudiwe says. “Our aim is to show students  the diverse opportunities out there for legal professionals, especially in this changing world.”

As part of the course, Ting and Onwudiwe will walk students through each stage of building a company, with an emphasis on the legal framework governing each stage. At the end of the class, they will explore with students how new innovations in the legal domain are changing the ways law is practiced and discuss what technology means for the future of the profession.

“It’s a blessing to be back at Harvard and interacting with the next generation of legal pioneers,” Onwudiwe says .“I’m always inspired by the students’ energy and passion. They are inquisitive and eager to look at the practice of law in different ways. Seeing that is encouraging and pushes us to explore new ideas as well.”

HALB Annual Conference

Once class is dismissed, Ting and Onwudiwe will be sticking around campus as Evisort sponsors the Harvard Association of Law and Business Annual Conference April 10th to 13th. 

On April 11th, Ting will speak on a panel with Pablo Arredondo, Chief Innovation Officer at Casetext, and Che Chang, Deputy General Counsel at OpenAI, to discuss the power generative AI holds in driving innovation within the legal space.

The following day, he will moderate a discussion for legal experts to share their journeys designing, building, and operating cutting-edge legal departments, featuring:

  • Lisa Horning, General Counsel at FullBloom
  • Peter Necheles, SVP and General Counsel at Agero
  • Christina Wojcik, Director, Legal Innovation at Citi Group
  • Courtney Gordon, Director and Senior Managing Counsel at BNY Mellon

If you’d like to sit in on the sessions, register to attend on campus or watch the live-stream from home. 

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