3 Reasons We’re Thankful for Our Customers

In the U.S., this is a season of consideration, a time to hit pause and reflect on all we’re grateful for. At Evisort, we’re grateful to have as our partners the very best customers who support, challenge, and inspire us every day. Their questions and feedback fuel our drive for innovation and remind us that we make a positive impact on their work experience and their business. There are so many reasons we’re thankful for our customers, but three are always top of mind:

We're grateful for their inspiration

Our customers’ stories, examples, and challenges motivate us and drive our work. Sharing the value they get from Evisort and telling us how they use the platform allows us to think expansively. It sparks us to creatively find new ways to improve workflows and processes, providing them with a more balanced, less stressful work life.

We're grateful for their feedback

We’re grateful for honest and authentic feedback, which pushes us to keep improving and innovating. This month, we hosted a Customer Advisory Board meeting where we received invaluable insight and suggestions. We’re already strategizing how to incorporate those suggestions into our future development and market plans.

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We're grateful for their trust 

We built our platform with the goal that our technology could make people’s work lives better and provide better business outcomes. We're grateful for our customers, who’ve entrusted their businesses to our technology. To the customers who have worked with us since our earliest days and to all those who have partnered with us more recently, you have our deepest appreciation.

Building Evisort into what we are today has truly been a collaborative process - one that could not have been done without the support and feedback of our community. As we move into the future, we look forward to continuing to build and improve upon our technologies with the help of our customers, who are the very reason for our success.

With so much gratitude,

The Evisort team

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