Episode 0: Introduction

My name is Alex Su and I’m the Director of Business Development at Evisort, and the host of Meeting of the Minds. I’m a former Biglaw associate who made the jump to legal tech, and that’s around the same time I started posting on LinkedIn. I thought it would be a great way to help me get in touch with potential buyers of legal tech. I kept sharing posts over the next few years, but things didn’t really take off until late 2019 when one of my posts went viral. Since then, I’ve grown my audience on LinkedIn, with almost 20,000 followers. Several months ago, when Covid first hit, I decided to try something different with my content. I decided to record Zoom interviews with some friends from the in-house legal community, to discuss technology and their career journeys. These interviews were a hit and have been viewed over 50,000 times over the past few months. As their popularity grew, I decided to partner with Evisort to launch a podcast mini-series, called Meeting of the Minds. Each episode will feature conversations with pioneers and leaders who are driving innovation in the legal industry. Our goal is to share real stories from the front lines, and stories of overcoming challenges and personal journeys. We’re excited to have you join us along for the ride. Hope you enjoy the show!