Secure and Compliant Contract Management Solutions for Tech and SaaS

“AI enabled us to zero in on relevant language and key provisions buried in unexpected places in dense legal agreements.”

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The most innovative tech companies in the world trust Evisort's AI-powered contract management technology

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The most innovative tech companies in the world trust Evisort's AI-powered contract management technology

Contract lifecycle management assessment

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Contract lifecycle management assessment

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Contract lifecycle management assessment

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Contract management challenges in Tech and SaaS

Underprepared for Data Privacy Risks

Assessing risk and remedating compliance issues related to data privacy, including Schrems II, using status-quo regulatory compliance management software is higly resource intensive
For Schrems II remediation, existing contracts must be updated with new Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) by December 27, 2022

Complex Corporate Transactions

Performing due diligence for M&A, managing post-merger integration, preparing for IPOs, and divesting entities are all highly manually, which can lead to errors in tracking what the contract terms, including assignment and termination clauses, are with customers and vendors

Resource mismatch — sales grows and legal slows

Contracting bottlenecks form when legal and ops teams can't support the growth in contract requests from sales leading to  delays in contract drafting, negotiation review, and customer onboarding, all of which can lead to missed opportunities or a poor customer experience

Benefits of automated contract management solutions to the technology industry

Reduce risks, lower costs, and drive revenue with digital transformation

Evisort's AI-enabled contract management software helps tech and SaaS companies eliminate siloed, manual, and redundant tasks that waste time, burn money, and introduce regulatory compliance risk

Be ready

Stay prepared for any audits and compliance fire drills due to data privacy issues, CCPA, GDPR, Schrems II assessment and remediation and more without manual review

Protect your investments

Prepare for the next funding round, IPO readiness, and due diligence and post-merger integration for M&A transactions by instantly searching and reporting on key contract information that can validate your assumptions and justify your valuation with data

Generate contracts in minutes

Provide sales and procurement teams with self-serve contract request processes that automate reviews and approvals and allow business teams to manage requests and data from the systems they already use, including Salesforce and SAP Ariba

How Evisort helps

Transform status-quo tech and SaaS Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) with Evisort's Contract Intelligence Platform

Instant Contract Visibility
  • Quickly centralize contracts in a single source of truth, assess risk exposure and find key clauses, and triage then create new templates, generate amendments, and Data Processing Agreements with the new SCCs — all from one end-to-end platform

  • Report which counterparts have executed and non-executed agreements and which have contracts with non-standard or outdated language
M&A Readiness
  • Use AI-powered contract analytics to automatically extract, track, and visualize contract data for due diligence, post-merger integration, IPO readiness, and contract separation 

  • Analyze termination and assignment clauses on standard and third-party paper in minutes

Scale and automate contract generation
  • Enable sales to quickly look up historical contracts with customers and then generate and execute NDA, subscription , and MSA agreements in minutes while enforcing standard and approved language
  • Redline and collaborate on contracts from a single source of truth then route documents through business acceptance after negotiation and audit progress for full transparency