Contract Management Solutions for Financial Services

Operational Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance are not mutually exclusive

Evisort's innovative contract management software improves financial efficiency, regulatory compliance and risk management for banks, financial institutions, and services firms

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Resources for the Legal and Ops at finance firms

Contract lifecycle management assessment

Evisort E-book: A Guide to Automating Contract Creation, Workflow Accountability, and Compliance

Contract lifecycle management assessment

Evisort E-book: Solving Today’s Contract Regulatory Compliance Challenges with Evisort

Contract lifecycle management assessment

Evisort Infographic: Quick Guide to Evaluating Intelligent Contract Lifecycle Management Platforms


Contract management challenges in the finance industry

Compliance Bottleneck

Changing regulations necessitate increased oversight  and risk assessment for and financial institutions.

  • Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering assessments and other compliance reviews slow client onboarding and increase costs
  • Legal and Ops resources aren't scaling to support business
  • Assessing and remediating historical contracts for regulatory risks is resource intensive and distracts from new business
Risk Exposure

Inconsistent contract language and use of standard terms introduces risk.

  • Addressing deviations from standard clauses during negotiations is ad-hoc and slow
  • Non-standard but approved language is negotiated with every customer, wasting time
  • Variations in approved language across teams, offices, and geo generates confusion
Transaction and Onboarding Inefficiency

Siloed contracts and fragmented processes slow deals, increase costs, and lower client satisfaction.

  • Generating new contracts, including Custodial Agreements, is manual, complex, and time-consuming
  • Siloed teams deliver a redundant and frustrating client onboarding experience by repeating contract reviews and data collection
  • Lack of version control and progress tracking create accountability gaps

Benefits of automated contract management solutions to the financial industry

Reduce risks, lower costs, and drive revenue with digital transformation

Evisort's AI-enabled contract management software helps financial services firms and banks eliminate siloed, manual, and redundant tasks that waste time, burn money, and introduce regulatory compliance risk

Automate high-volume form documents
  • Agent appointment letters
  • Fund addition and removal through amendment
  • Netting determinations for collateral and close out assessments
Create a better client experience for highly-negotiated agreements
  • Custodial agreements
  • ISDAs, MSFTA, GMRA, additional QFC agreements and related documents such as promissory notes, guarantees
  • Credit agreements and financial statements
Get full workflow visibility and accountability for regulatory compliance
  • Record of who is non-standard terms and who approved what
  • Route documents through Business Acceptance after negotiation
  • Full audit log

How Evisort helps

Turn contracts into data that improve efficiency ratios

AI-enabled contract management software helps you eliminate siloed, manual, and redundants tasks that waste time, burn money, and introduce risk
Client Due Diligence
  • Beneficial ownership
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Know Your Customer
  • CDD
  • Tax operations
Legal & Doc Ops
  • Templates
  • Approvals and Authorizations
  • Legal Hold
  • Bespoke Negotiations

Post Booking
  • Invoicing
  • Collateral Exchange
  • Regulatory Reporting