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Go from a data black hole to instant insights

Understand historical risk and obligations; quickly automate searching and reporting by substantive analysis, not keyword searches, in seconds without any code


No one should have to manually enter metadata when cars can drive themselves

Evisort automatically extracts 40+ data points from all contracts in seconds

Document Types

Client Agreements
Vendor Agreements
Employee Contracts
Loan/Lease Documents
Investment Documents
Compliance Documents
Purchase Orders
And more

Key Provisions

Term and Termination
Limitation of Liability
Governing Law
And more

Key Information

Title of Document
Party Names
Payment Terms
Effective Date
Services Start Date
Expiration Date
Renewal Date
Term of Agreement
And more

Contract Lifecycle Management

Close new contract negotiations and approvals in 46% less time

Centralize requests for contract review and drafting in a self-serve request form

Master service Agreement

Contract Lifecycle Management

Streamline ad hoc review processes and easily coordinate remotely to get deals signed

Evisort easily integrates with DocuSign and Adobe Sign to supercharge your organization

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