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What format documents can Evisort analyze on?

Evisort works on most document types, including scanned pdf’s and word documents.

How quickly does it take Evisort to analyze contracts?

Evisort can analyze and extract metadata from contracts in seconds. Once contracts are uploaded to the platform, the data will be accessible in minutes.

How long does it take to get up and running with Evisort?

We take pride in our on-boarding process. You’ll be live within days, not weeks or months.

Does Evisort integrate with existing solutions?

Yes, Evisort integrates with dozens of the most popular software solutions, including shared local folders. A full list of integrations is available on the integrations page here.

Where does Evisort store our contracts?

Evisort is cloud-based in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure but can be deployed in a variety of formats depending on your IT needs.

Our contracts are stored in multiple locations, can Evisort still analyze them?

Yes, one of the key values of Evisort is that it can work across different locations, simultaneously. For example, if you have contracts in Box, Sharepoint, and Onedrive, Evisort can analyze all of those documents without needing to take those contracts out from those solutions.

Does Evisort work only on templates?

No, Evisort can work on any contract, even third-party contracts. Evisort works on historical, scanned documents and new documents as well, and can even help you identify which documents are on third-party paper.

Our contracts are stored in multiple locations, can Evisort still analyze them?

Yes. You can tag unique or industry-specific clauses in one example then automatically apply the model retroactively to all contracts to search and find those custom terms.

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