Evisort Fellowship

“I can now envision a career path that goes beyond working at law firms or in-house."
Eugene Coleman

Apply for an Evisort Legal Tech and Business Development Fellowship

Gain a new perspective on your legal career at a growing Silicon Valley startup

If you’re a law student looking for an experience outside of traditional law firms, then consider becoming an Evisort Legal Tech and Business Development Fellow. This rewarding program gives ambitious, future-thinking law students the opportunity to experience all aspects of legal tech, receive mentorship from industry leaders, and learn invaluable skills to propel their careers forward — no matter what industry they decide to work in.

The Chance to Work at an Exciting Silicon Valley Tech Startup

Working at a startup means gaining experience in a variety of roles — all of which expand your marketable skills. Evisort Fellows work across nearly all internal departments, from data science to sales, marketing, and legal.

“Legal tech is not aimed at replacing attorneys, but rather serves to help attorneys work smarter and potentially expand their services.”

Alyson Reed

“As an Evisort Fellow you get firsthand experience solving complex business and legal problems that you never would in a law firm.”

Josh Schoen

Collaborate on Projects Unavailable at Traditional Law Firms

As an Evisort Fellow you’ll work on rewarding, hands-on projects that can include:

  • Meeting with general counsels and legal teams from global companies to help solve their contract-management challenges
  • Training new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms
  • Performing discrete legal tasks, such as IP disputes
  • Writing and editing thought-leadership pieces and marketing material
  • Mapping complex approval workflows for global companies

Mentorship from Industry Leaders

Evisort Fellows regularly meet with lawyers working in nonstandard roles to learn about professional paths and receive career advice. Evisort lawyers work up and down our organization in nontraditional roles, such as solutions architect, product lead, account executive, chief of staff, and CEO. You won’t find such broad and deep experience anywhere else.

Evisort Fellows Share their Experiences

Learn how law students like you gained a new perspective on a legal career within a growing startup on the forefront of the ever-expanding space of legal tech.

"My time with Evisort improved my ability to quickly shift between types of tasks, a hallmark of the startup experience".

Michael Fiedorowicz: Fellow Class of 2019-2020
University of Chicago

“Evisort taught me the power of being a sponge. I learned to be forward-thinking and avoid focusing only on current problems.”

Eugene Coleman: Fellow Class of 2021
University of Miami School of Law

“As an Evisort Fellow you get firsthand experience solving complex business and legal problems that you never would in a law firm.”

Josh Schoen: Fellow Class of 2021
Georgetown University Law Center

“You get the opportunity to build a skillset that lets you find the work for which you’re best suited.”

Alyson Reed: Fellow Class of 2020
Regent University School of Law