Evisort for Finance & Procurement.

The most intelligent vendor management system ever.

Evisort pulls in documents from multiple platforms and creates a single source of truth about your contracts, using AI to automate the tedious manual tagging of information.

Modern businesses purchase large quantities of items, ranging from software to other recurring items. We can analyze all of your vendor contracts in seconds. We can identify risks in your current contracts, contract expirations, and help manage all of your current vendor contracts in one place.

Track Contracts Effortlessly

Track and manage vendor contracts with the most intelligence vendor management system ever. We can track when contracts expire, which ones have automatic renewals, pull out contract values, break it down by region, and more.

Supply Chain Visibility

We can help bring visibility into your supply chain and currently help companies manage billions in vendor spend.

Benchmark Key Terms

We can help benchmark different key business terms across your enterprise to help with negotiation. We can tell you how much you paid in the past for an item, and allow you to compare past costs with current or future costs.

Contract Creation

Track Rebate Schedules

Expertly track and manage rebate schedules. Companies spend hours negotiating contracts for the best value/cost, and we can help you save money by ensuring you stay on top of these rebate schedules, and not let them slip through the cracks.

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